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Scope of parasailing in Ranjeet Sagar lake

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 Shiv Kumar Padha 

Water tourism, in short, is travelling by boat while on holidays with express purpose of seeing things meant for water tourists. This sort oftourism is generally popular in summer time only. Water tourisminvolves inland destinations such as lakes, rivers where tourists can sail or swim on lakes while many rivers are ideally suited for white water rafting like one in river Ganga. Tourists often visit destinations such as water parks, popular lakes or well-known beaches for water sports and merrymaking. Lakes, water reservoirs, rivers, and ponds, as compared to the traditional tourism, have got ample scope for multi-dimensional water tourism.
As far as lakes of India are concerned, they are both natural and manmade. Lakes of Himalayan region differ from lakes in peninsular region because some are fresh water while others are brackish lakes. The 24 km. long Wullar Lake, surrounded by the mountains is one of the fresh water lake in Asia, Dal Lake the exotic beauty in Srinagar and one of the beautiful lakes in India and second largest in Jammu and Kashmir, Mansar lake Sruinsar lake and the vast 88 sq. km. crystal clear fresh water Ranjeet Sagar lake of Basohli situated amidst Shivalik hills are some of the popular and panoramic lakes of Jammu and Kashmir which are in no way less than the lakes in other parts of the world and if developed as per the national and international standards can offer much to the variety of tourists all over the country.
The vast Ranjeet Sagar Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes of the country which was formed as a result of ponding of the Thein Dam at river Ravi. The entire lake is encircled by the range ofShivalik hills. The whole lake is deep and pollution free from any kind of affluent. The lake is situated at the threshold of Jammu and Kashmir and runs all along the entire tehsil up to Mashka. Ranjeet sagar lake as per its dimension and location has got ample scope for water tourism in the state, and its development can add one more feather in the cap of tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir in future.
RSD lake has got large potential for multi-dimensional water tourism for the tourists of varied tastes and temperament. Variety of tourism can be developed according to the dimensions of the lakes formed at different places throughout the whole stretch. There are large numbers of sports that involvewater. The water sports can be divided into three categories depending the relation of the sport to the water. Some sports include only one part related to swimming such as triathlon. There are popular water sports 1. In the water. 2. on the water. 3. under the water. RSD is an ideal lake for on the water sports like water skiing, boating, boat racing, canoeing, Dragon boat race, yachting and one of the most thrilling sports ‘Parasailing’. The cliffs of the hills and the vast stretch of RSD invite the visitors who yearn for the thrilling and adventurous sports like paragliding and parasailing on the RSD waters. The choice for the sport of parasailing or paragliding depends upon one’s involvement in the activity. Those who yearn to be indriver’s seat with a sense of adventure prefer paragliding and others who prefer to take a back seat prefer parasailing. Every activity is immensely rewarding and thrilling for the sportsmen.
Para gliding and parasailing are two different sports where former is active and the latter is the passive one where any one evens a beginner can opt to and can be flown in the air suspended underneath a large parachute and propelled by a speed boat. Parasailing is an activity for those who love the water but may not have the ability or desire to take on more extreme endeavor such as jet skiing or knee boarding. Parasailing offers the rider a thrilling ascent over the ocean of water or lakes. The vast stretch of 88 kmts. Smooth freshwater lake can prove an ideal water reservoir to undertake such adventurous and thrilling sport. The width of the lake varies from two kmts. at some places to three which can facilitate an uninterrupted movements of the motor and speed boats negotiating the Para sailor flying underneath the parachute over the ocean of the lake water.
The top of the Chanchlo Mata hill is an ideal cliff from wherethe Para gliders can take flight and get aloft like a kite. There are two possibilities for the Para gliders to make flights from the cliff of the hill, on the one side below the cliff there is RSD Lake where the gliders need wear life vest. On the other side there is vast stretch of green fields and pastures of Mandla village which present exciting, charming and beautiful view below.
After the completion of the much awaited popular cable stayed bridge over river Ravi by the ending Nov. 2015, there will be an influx of the tourists for the tourist places of Jammu and Kashmir via Basohli where the beautiful giant fresh water lake below the bridge will offer threshold welcome to the visitors and offer variety of water games and water events. Besides water games and other events the parasailing will attract the lovers of the sport from all over the country to take part and to watch such thrilling events. The tourist department of the state should deploy the team of experts in the sport to take stock of the possibilities for starting the parasailing in the waters of RSD.The two sports i.e. para gliding and parasailing will rejuvenate the tourism sector on the whole and will add two new sports in thelist of the water tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

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