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School teachers must pay attention to their dresses

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Dear Editor,
Before writing anything on this sensitive matter, I would like to seek apology from both the genders who have adopted the world’s most pious and noble profession of a teacher. I too have hundreds of persons from both the genders from my relations and family serving as teachers in the UT.
The writing being presented before the readers is free from any biased or ill will intention towards any gender. Our grandparents used to repeat one proverb ‘Man Bhata Khaiye-Jag Bhata Pehniye’. The meaning of the proverb is quite obvious i.e., one has the liberty to eat which one likes but has to wear only what is relevant and suitable in the society or environment one lives in.
The worldly affairs are regulated with some liberties and restrictions. Everyone in the democratic set up has got the right of wearing anything of one’s likings but with some reservations. We can wear every that dress which help us looking good smart and impressive in the society but this liberty is curtailed for the persons engaged in the profession of school teachers, clerics, belt and armed forces, airlines, health and the departments of the like. Nobody from any community can ever tolerate the clerics of his religion offering prayers attired in the dresses other than permissible in their religious dress code. It is observed in daily life that majority of our school teachers and the students from among both the genders don’t care for their dresses while attending their schools.
We see how some of our sons and daughters engaged in the teaching profession bear the kind of dress like Plazos above their ankles, wide shararas, apron or gown like frocks/ shirts, extra deep neck, open hair, male teachers wearing jogging dresses, jogging pyjamas and track suits which in no way conforms to the noble profession of an educator who is considered as the most sober, wise and impressive in the society. We see how the persons in the belt forces, health department never dare violate their dress code because we the employees are adjudged by our behavior attitude and proficiency in our profession and not by the kind of erotic dress we wear in the schools.
The teacher is an icon of knowledge, wisdom, bonanza of knowledge and source of inspiration and motivation for the society in general and the students in particular. The society is not against the right of any gender but the dress should be like one which can help us distinguish between a teacher and other persons in the society. I still remember the days when both teachers and the girl students were asked to manage their hair style in such a way that they do not fall open.
The girl students were advised to come to the school in the sober and prescribed dress so that they are not swayed away by the latest trends in the dresses prevalent in the society.
Our sisters and brothers should keep one thing in mind that their dress code is confined only within the four walls of the school and they are free to wear any kind of dress permissible in the society they live in. Before I conclude I feel it worth quoting ‘While In Rome Do As The Romans Do’.
Being an awakened and conscious citizen I again apology from my dear brothers and sister for daring write about such an important topic because I know that only a child can say that the King is naked.
Shiv Kumar Padha,

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