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The importance of rivers in India is older than ancient times. In India where rivers are worshipped, the pollution of rivers is increasing. As an essential source of life, water is the first requirement after air. Water is called life. Purification of water is very essential for a healthy life. Our perennial rivers are the source of water for major cities of the country. Still we give that the dirty drains and sewers of big cities are connected to the rivers. Due to various industrial and domestic sources, pollution of rivers and other water sources is increasing day by day. Bathing of animals in the rivers, floating the dead bodies of humans and animals in the water, etc. have increased the pollution in the rivers. Continuously increasing human population, destruction of forests and industrialization have created the problem of pollution in front of the world. Due to the flow of toxic waste coming out of the factories in the rivers, trying life has become a problem. Various diseases are physically born from the water of the rivers. One of the important reasons for increasing pollution in rivers in India is urbanization and uncontrolled flow. In the recent past, increasing urbanization has had a profound effect on the rivers of the country. Due to the large number of villages and villages near the rivers, the problem of pollution of the rivers has increased. In order to control the pollution of the rivers, such arrangements should be made in the industrial institutions that waste materials and water are taken out after treatment. Along with this, they should be prevented from meeting water sources. Along with this, local people living on the banks of rivers should be stopped from washing clothes with soap and spreading garbage in the rivers. For this, an awareness campaign regarding pollution prevention should be conducted among the local people. Although the government has made many successful efforts to prevent pollution in the rivers and for proper protection. Many schemes named Namami Gange have been run by the Modi government. But it is the responsibility of all of us that it is necessary for everyone to be aware of the dangers of increasing pollution in the rivers.

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