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Sant Satguru: His Holiness Madhu Param Hans Maharaj

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From 5 December 1970 you started giving Diksha as per Guru’s orders. Everyone living in this world is within the limits of the mind, not knowing the self form. We ask God not to give sorrow. You say that oh my brothers, then who would like to leave the world.
Then it will look great. No one would like to leave here. The sacrifice of Kalyug is that no one worships a saint. The world is after lustful, grumpy, greedy etc. people. Your Gurudev used to say one thing that O honey, who did not understand from you, will not understand from anyone in the universe. At the age of 18, your Gurudev gave you the throne. After that he did not do satsang. Somebody used to say to him, ‘Please bless’, so he used to send directly to you, ‘Go, ask for mercy from him’.
You gave the first Diksha to Neersingh Rathore of Rajasthan in 1969 in Kullian in Jammu. Looking at the world, man is doing disastrous things.
This is not the religion of the soul. Who is it that is getting the soul to do such things? The soul is not able to understand. The first seven rules for those who join the Sahib Bandgi Sanstha are- speaking the truth, not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, not gambling, not stealing, being virtuous and eating what is rightfully earned. And to worship an eternal Brahman. Instructions are given not to believe in sorcery, totka, magic-herbs, yantras, mantras etc. More importance is given on earning the right.
You say that when a man follows these seven rules, how great he will become. Today man is such that he goes to the religious place in the morning and bows his head and commits frauds throughout the day. You say what is the benefit. After saluting God for a while, he leaves and then kills a living being, eating meat. You say what is the meaning of this worship. Change of behavior is needed. You say that no one follows the rules as much as our satsangis do. You served in the army for 24 years. You met people of all religions and sects there. But no one was found following the rules.
People think that salvation is water. But the methods are being adopted wrong. Someone is engaged in the dehri of sinak. Some are engaged in celebrating murder, some are engaged in ghost-ghosts. Some are engaged in worshiping stones. Some to trees, some to snakes and some to others. You say whether this will control the mind.
When you were in the army, you initiated many people during that time. There too, whenever you got leave, you used to be engaged in religious propaganda. Spent the whole time of life in spirituality. It started from there and is still going on. Shivdas Bhagat also took initiation from you in the same army. Lekhraj, Jyotiprakash, Singara Saheb etc took initiation from you in the army itself. Later these people played a considerable role in the cult. During this time, whenever you got leave, you used to spend that time at Gurusthan only.
Your path is Paramhans Marg. One is Vedanti Paramhansa Marg and one is Paramhansa of Spiritualism. There are no other devotions in him. There is talk of entering through the 10th door with the powers given in the inner soul. Whenever you want, you can see the whole universe inside you. But you will need a complete guru.
You initiated about 100 men in your battalion itself. This initiation time is such that on the day Sadguru gives your name, on that day he reveals that supreme power in you with the churning of his beauty.
No ashram was built when you were in the army. At that time there were only 2 ashrams built by Gurudev. Havelia in Gonda and Paharpur in Sultanpur.
Shivdas Bhagat came to your battalion in Hamirpur and requested you to come to our village. You came there and started the series of satsang at Shivdas Bhagat’s place. You say that if you are not sitting in the satsang, then understand that the mind dominates you 100 percent. You will wander Don’t think that you have heard a lot. No, you haven’t heard anything yet. You just have to listen. Because the mind is creating new stories everyday. You will get new keys to control them.
So in 1985 you started giving diksha in Rajdi. Established Rajdi Ashram in 1985. In 1991, you were posted in Srinagar. After retiring from there, you actively started awakening people in spirituality. Earlier people troubled by ghosts came to me in Rajdi Ashram. When he got well, his relatives and relatives also came to see him.
Then you established Akhnoor Ashram. There a devotee donated land. Then the Rakshabandhu Ashram was built. There some yogis donated land. Then land was also donated in Kathua Ashram. You made an ashram there too. Somewhere you bought land.
There are about 100 ashrams of Sahib Bandgi in Jammu alone today. There are more than 220 ashrams all over India. Ashrams were built in almost all the provinces of India.
You scattered the property worth 2000 crores given by the people. One said that Guru ji what would happen after your departure, then you said that you should not worry, all of them are his heirs.
You say that the ego of man is the only obstacle in our going to God. It is very difficult to remove it. Man does not move towards God. When old age comes, when the fourth comes, then man starts searching for God. Gets frustrated, knows that there is no happiness in the things of the world. I wish you would think about this first.
So in this way some people invited you in foreign countries also and you started satsang in Britain and made people aware of the true devotion of Sahib Bandgi. Similarly in the U.S. When Shashi Thakur took Diksha in 2006, there too the devotion of Sahib was stung.
When Parvinder ji came in contact with you in Canada, he took you there. You initiated thousands of people in Ukraine etc. Chandrapal ji took him to Greece. He was an officer in the Ministry of External Affairs. Even in Malaysia, Italy, France etc., you made people aware of the devotion of Sahib. Some people came from Nepal and took initiation. There too there was a lot of company.
You say that no matter how wise a man is, if he has ego, then understand that his mind is strong. When the mind is strong, it will cover the soul.
You always say that at the time of Naam Daan, the Guru sends a force within you. That power creates an explosion inside. Destroys darkness. It purifies the inner self, transforms it. That’s why you say that my opponents took my one word negatively. This was his thinking. No need to worry about what anyone thinks.
You say that my cult has two achievements. Firstly, if you see from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Kohima, you will find that there are only backward people, Dalit class people in the devotion of Sahib. But you broke this myth and included every section in the devotion of Sahib. Initiated 3-4 lakh Brahmins. He was explained what is the philosophy of Sahib. Similarly, 2-3 lakh Kshatriyas were initiated. Gave it to the moneylenders, gave it to the backward classes. Gave it to other fraternities.
You say that many secrets are hidden in Sahib’s speech. Everyone is taking his words for their own purposes. But no one is able to understand.
You say that our organization works for world peace, humanism. With the help of Sangat, grand buildings were built. Development happened.
You say I had no foundation, I had no introduction. This entire foundation was laid by my Gurudev, who is now a resident of Satlok and is also with you. He had said – Honey, people could not know me, but the whole world would know you. I was shocked that such a poor institution. We live in such a small clan. How can the world be so big? You say that by his grace he had given 2 ashrams, which have become 220 today.
Sahib Bandgi is not political in any way. Not commercial. The organization has a rule that they do not ask for donations from anyone. We don’t take donations from anyone through our thoughts, words and deeds. Don’t instigate anyone to donate.
You say I don’t mean anything to the world. I am not proud, but I do not want anything from the world. You say that no one can give me anything. You don’t eat from someone’s money. He earns his livelihood from his noble earnings. The money that comes from the Sangat, they use it for their service.
You created a stir in the spiritual world. You say that I do not have infinite wealth compared to the rest of the sect. Because their focus is only on money.
So during this time 12 ashrams of worship of Sahib were burnt by some people. Because their business got affected. But it also had benefits. Earlier you used to make huts and huts. Then started making concrete. You say that these pucca ashrams were built by your opponents only.
You say that the one I love the most is the one who rescues someone from the wrong path and brings them to the right path. A mother came and said that Sahib ji – I have not seen your Satlok, but you have made my house a Satlok.c You made people vegetarian. Made a good person.

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