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Rohingya refugees

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Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been on records over the presence of Myanmar refugees in Jammu and Kashmir and now the district administration too has vouched for their existence in Jammu. What was seen in earlier days the Bangladeshis and Myanmar Muslims trying to cross over to Pakistan from Jammu region as an escape from their domestic circumstance today has changed into one of the serious security matter and their long stay as people fear that is change in demography is  also turning true. Being a Muslim majority state the presence of Myanmar refugees has more repercussion as far as socio-politico impact.  Known as Rohingyas the Muslim refugees from Myanmar have found the state as a safe haven for their survival.  Many among these refugees work and live in rented accommodations away from the refugee camps but they fear being ousted from the city.  Even posters too appeared in Jammu calling for their eviction from the region which sparked up debates and discussions in the political circle. Many also came forward to support the campaign. Today BJP is a partner in Jammu and Kashmir with PDP and in New Delhi it is in absolute majority if the government wants can settle the issue, but when it comes to vote bank all the rhetoric on refugees go mild and for political parties it is the vote bank which they look at it. Chief Minister Mufti in the legislative assembly had stated that the Rohingya refugees are mostly concentrated in the Jammu and Samba districts and there have been no reported instances of radicalisation in the community. She added, “17 FIRs have been registered against 38 Rohingyas for various offences including those related to illegal border crossing. Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive state a victim of militancy and the Kashmir Valley has seen “forced migration of Hindu families, but the Rohingya refugees were settled in clusters it gives an impression that the government machinery at that time was in hand in glove with political masters for the amicable settlement of these refugees. In this backdrop the hue and cry created is not going to yield any positive results unless and until the government of the day resolves to take hard steps. Yes, of course religious considerations have to be kept apart.

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