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The Rohingias bomb is ticking

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Rohingias from western Mynmar have since sneaked into Jammu. They seem to have dug in with tacit support of the political executive and patronage of some NGOs with unverified and allegedly dubious credentials.via Cox Bazar in Bangla Desh which has emerged as the main Concentration point for Rohangia migrants. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) functionaries are located here. So is the Hqrs of the multi-national network plugged into Golbal Jihadi Lashkars. Their reach extends to countries/ locations listed as destinations for the migrants. They not only decide who should go where but also manage their reception and local assistance through reliable Support System.
The infiltration of Rohingias in Jammu fits in the general pattern. Their destination-Jammu across India was determined in Cox Bazar certainly for no humanitarian reasons. Their movement was in small groups, smooth and clandestine. “Friendly” local NGOs’ were cleverly tasked to quietly take care of their seception and provide the critical Support System. There are also reports of some influential state politicians being on board. In any case ,I do recall Dukhtran-i-Milllat chief Ayesha Anderabi extending invitation to the Rohingias years back. In a statement she had expressed solidarity with them and invited them to Kashmir where they were “most welcome”. The authorities looking into various dimensions of Rohingia menace would be well advised to unravel not only their plans, motivation and local political/ terrorist connections but also go into the antecedents, orientation and connections of the state based NGOs linked with Cox Bazar Multi-national Jihadi centre which apparently brokered their liaison with Rohingias.
So who are these Rohingias?
In the 19th century, the British Raj brought in Bengalis to work for the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine State colony in Western Burma. In a typical policy thrust the Muslim settlers were used to create a local loyalist force and pitched against the dominant nationalist Buddhist majority. They were pampered and egged on to defy Buddhist majority thereby promoting a perennial conflict .In May 1946, Muslim leaders from Arakan (present-day Rakhine State) met Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan and urged him to merge their state with the proposed East Pakistan. Two months later, the North Arakan Muslim League was founded to achieve this objective. As Jinnah did not or could not accede to their demand, they floated the Mujahid Party for creation of separate ultra -conservative Islamic State through the medium of Jihad. The Mujahid Party was perhaps the first political party to come into being on the global scene committed to Jihad as the means of achieving political ends.
“Since that time” says Dr. Jacques P. Leider, Director of the French School State (Maynmar) “they have been periodically committing massacres against the indigenous Buddhist population. Temples are often attacked and burned. Rapes of local Buddhist women by Muslim men are regularly reported. Arakanese Buddhists live in fear.” As a consequence Buddhists majority was reduced to minority in Myanmar’s Rakhine State’s renamed as Rogingia.
The Jihadists remained very active till the 1962 Burmese coup d’état by General Ne Win where after Burmese Army carried out military operations against them over a period of two decades. There were allegations of extreme atrocities on Rohingyas by the Burmese Army triggering large scale migration. This provoked outrage world wide. Human Right groups like Amnesty International prsue their cause vigorously. Even the United Nations accuseded the Government of Myanmar of committing ‘genocide’ against the Rohingya Muslim minority. Interestingly, Rohingya Mujahideen are still active within the remote areas of Arakan.
Rohangias became stateless in 1982, when a law passed by the Myanmar Government denied them citizenship rights.
“The Myanmar authorities are” claimes Gearóid Ó Colmáin in his article titled ‘The Rohingya Psyops: Waging Covert War on Myanmar. (6th Feb, 2017) currently fighting a war of national liberation against two terrorist organisations called the Rohingya Liberation Organisation.(RLO), and the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO). The RLO is supported by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey. Recent reports from intelligence agencies suggest recruitment of Rohingya in India and sending them to Saudi Arabia for training.
The Rohingya terrorists, knowledgeable sources believe were receiving arms and training from Bangladeshi military intelligence (probably in pre Sheikh Hassina era )under the supervision of Turkey and, while the Saudis provided the radicalisation and the cash”.
“The Rohingya refugee story” “asserts O Colemain” is a gigantic psyops, which is intended to manipulate the emotions of ignorant mass media consumers, who do not understand the history and complex geopolitical context of Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal. Despite, thousands of serious allegations of rape, pillage and mass murder committed by these Bengali immigrants in Myanmar ( Rohingias), human rights groups and the ‘international community’ have blamed all the violence on the Burmese authorities”. To drive his point home, he has reproduced a photo ( see below) down loaded from an Indonesia website and peddled as a case of Rohinga killing in Maungdaw
“I should like to stress” asserts Colemain that “Muslims who are causing all the trouble’. For it is a minority of the Rakhine State’s Muslims who are attempting to wage Jihad on behalf of Western geopolitical interests and the ongoing Zionist global war on terrorism, euphemistically and erroneously referred to as the ‘clash of civilisations’.” He further argued that “An independent Rakhine State which, like Serbia’s Kosovo, would depend entirely on the United States for its security, would be an enormous geopolitical prize for the US and a major tool of incremental de -stabilisation against China.
The Global Terrorist Dimension.
Bangladesh authorities have learnt that umbrella organisation like Jamaat-ul-Arakan and the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation are running terror training camps in remote areas of Bandarban district of Bangladesh adjoining the Myanmar border. The terrorist dimension turns global as the RSO is being funded by Saudi Arabian NGO World Assembly of Muslim Youth through Dr Yunus and his associate Maulana Rashid of Cox’s Bazaar . The Bangladesh-Myanmar border has thus turned into a new theatre of global jihad.
After the 2012 Muslim-Buddhist clashes in Myanmar, Bangladeshi security agencies made a series of arrests that revealed plans to radicalise, train and fund some Rohingya refugees with the help of Pakistan based terror groups and Saudi Arabian financiers. The interrogation of these suspects by Bangladeshi security agencies brought to light the visit to Arakan of Al Qaeda explosive expert Nur Bashar and the banned Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’s Shura member, Mufti Abu Zarra ul Burmi, who was employed as a teacher in Karachi University before joining IMU in 2004. Actually, LeT dabbled in the Arakan affairs well before the 2012 violence. There is also an Indian connection. Abdul Karim Tunda, a Pilakhuwa (Ghaziabad)-born Lashkar commander who masterminded a series of bombing in North India in 1996-98, travelled from Pakistan to Bangladesh over the past decade to explore the possibility of recruiting Rohingya youth for terror. The Lashkar has been assisted by Rohingya extremist leaders including Rabiul Alam, a Pakistan trained Jihadist from the Teknaf region, and another person identified as “Dr Yunus,” who is the coordinator of the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation in Bangladesh. Significantly, Bin Laden told the Karachi-based newspaper, Ummat on 28th September 2001 that: “There are areas in all parts of the world where strong Jihadi forces are present, from Indonesia to Algeria, from Kabul to Chechnya, from Bosnia to Sudan, and from Myanmar to Kashmir.”
Debashish Karmakar| TNN (Nov, 6,2016) datelined Patna quoted an ATS officer who discosed to him on the condition of anonymity.that two Rohangians Mustafa Kamaal (23) and Mohammad Salim (24) were picked up at Barauni railway junction on 29th October, 2016 by a team of Railway Police. “The J and K-bound duo admitted during the interrogation that a group of people facilitated their infiltration into India via Bangladesh and that they were in touch with a group of people engaged in anti-India activities in J and K. They also told the ATS officers that many Rohingya refugees had successfully entered J and K and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in the past.” A cellphone and sim cards of Myanmar, Bangladesh and India were recovered from their possession. A top Bihar Police special branch officer also reportedly claimed that they were in possession of intelligence inputs that Rohingya refugees were being trafficked to J and K with the help of Pakistan’s Inter-services Intelligence (ISI). It may be recalled that one of the two foreign militants killed in a shootout in south Kashmir last October turned out to be a native of Myanmar code named ‘CHHOTA BURMI’. By now we have a fair idea about Rohigyas, their politico-religious culture of Jihad and international terrorist connections. An objective, fair and dispassionate analysis would reveal that historically the Rohingias were victims as well as perpetrators of inhuman atrocities. If the Buddhist suffered at the hands of Rohangia Mujahids, the Burmese army paid back to Rohangias in the same coin perhaps with compound interest.
As a matter of fact generations of Rohingias were born and groomed in anti-Buddhist and Jihadi socio-political environment. That the community especially the youth were infected by Jihadi ideology and practices, may be in various degrees was incontrovertible. Moreover, their entry in Jammu came at a critical juncture when anti-national forces were bent upon vitiating the communal environment .Their mere presence has sharpened the divisive demography discourse. This has placed unnecessary and totally avoidable strain on communal harmony which people of Jammu cherish.
Rohingias, are notorious for pathological hatred for the Buddhists. Remember, Jammu has the privlage of hosting a tiny Buddhist community including students. They could easily become soft- targets of radicalised Rohingia youth The numbers do not matter. Even a dozen could wreck havov In this context it, may be pertinent to draw attention to the press /Intelligence reports from Dhaka that , “the LeT is believed to be recruiting Rohingyas, offering to help them to seek revenge against the Buddhists through terrorist acts.” We therefore also need to closely watch out for our super value Heritage assets in Leh .The Sarnath Shrine sacrilege case in which Rohingias were involved is still fresh in peoples’
memory .
Then why is the State Government showing reluctance to evict them and the Central Government dithering in taking a simple, transparent and non-intrusive decision to pack them and relocate them any where else in the country? It obviously makes no sense to have Rohingias with Jihadist history and current Jihadi patronage “settled” even temporarily in terrorist- hit Jammu in such close proximity to Pakistan, the epicentre of global terrorism. Let Rohingias be packed off and moved out of Jammu under arrangement by the Central Government with out any fuss or further delay before something catastrophic happens. Or are boh the State and Central Governments waiting for the ticking Rohingia bomb to explode?

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