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Road safety

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The growing vehicular population and proportionate rise in rate of accidents on the roads calls for introduction of new Motor Vehicle Act and in this direction Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, seeking cooperation from all political parties is really a matter of concern. The situation is alarming with every day on an average 500 people die on roads which calls for bringing in more stringent legislations at an early date. The irony is that more lives are claimed in accidents than in epidemic or by militancy. There is a general apathy towards the development irrespective of the states and party in power. India accounted for one of the highest number of accidents globally at 5 lakh per annum in which 1.5 lakh people are killed. The Bill was pending for one year. A ministerial panel of 18 transport ministers from states, headed by Rajasthan Minister Yunoos Khan has given recommendations for it and Congress, NCP, Trinamool College, DMK all transport ministers were there. The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 proposes hefty penalties for violation of traffic norms including up to Rs 10,000 fine for drunken driving and Rs 2 lakh compensation for hit-and-run cases. The bill also has provision of up to Rs 10 lakh compensation in case of road fatality. The bill includes penalties in the range of Rs 1,000-4,000 for over-speeding. According to the bill, driving without insurance will be punishable with Rs 2,000 fine and/or three-month imprisonment, while driving a two-wheeler without helmet will attract Rs 2,000 fine and 3-month suspension of license. The provisions also include that guardian/owner will be deemed to be guilty in case of road offence by juveniles while registration of the vehicle will be canceled.

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