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Rising Temperature

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Already mercury is hovering at 34 degree C in Jammu though summer starts late. The prolonging winter did give some hope that at least summer will not be hot but the reality is just opposite with temperature crossing 34 degree C in March. The indications are that summer is going to be hot as compared to conventional weather. Hardships to follow would be power-cuts, shortage, water supply going dry and people staging protests and the summer would pass away. This has been happening every season. Climate change is going to make heat waves more common and stronger. It’s going to be slow in terms of the human lifespan, but you are going to have heat waves ratcheting up more rapidly. The heat wave contributes to the likelihood that this July will be the hottest on record.  With elections due politically also the State is passing through a decisive stage and  terrorists increasing attacks there is no doubt that summer will remain hotter as usual. This season is going to be a long and hotter summer.  Last year also mercury hovered at 51 degree C; this year speculations are on the same line. Most parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are experiencing heat wave and severe heat wave conditions that are expected to continue through the weekend. Many other parts of north and central India also saw highs that were betwaeen three degree Celsius and five degree Celsius above normal for the season, including parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi. On average there is tremendous climatic change and it is taking place faster. The late rains and prolonged winter have no impact on the season’s sudden temperature rise giving an indication coming days would be much hotter. The impact of the late rains is still not over with many areas remaining cut off due to landslide and boulders blocking the highway. Mercury rose in the northern states though night temperatures settled close to the freezing point at most places in Kashmir while the Srinagar-Jammu Highway remained closed for traffic for the second consecutive day due to landslides.

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