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Renewal of chemists’ licenses

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Dear Editor,
It has been the practice in all the departments dealing with the issuance and renewal of licenses to renew the existing and issue the new ones in order to pave the way for the smooth and legitimate work culture in the country. The health department agencies which have been dealing with the renewal of the previously issued licenses and issuance of the new chemist licenses to the unemployed qualified youth, seems to have ceased the practice or the powers of renewal and issuance of the licenses have been taken back from them with the reasons best known to the department concerned. The entire chemist community has been suffering due to the unilateral decision of the health department. It is pertinent to mention here that the department opened the portal for the re registration of the licenses under the new rules of the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, in November 2020 and was closed on October 31, 2021 with the result only those chemists who were running their shops in and around the cities and the big towns could avail this opportunity whereas majority among them even in the cities or towns and the rural areas could not get their licenses renewed during the stipulated time. Moreover, it is the resolve of the worthy PM Modi to provide opportunities to the qualified youth to start their own professions instead of running after the government employment. So, it will be in the benefit of the both the chemists waiting for the renewal and the unemployed qualified youth waiting for the issuance of the chemist licenses so that they can earn their livelihood honorably and the chemists can get their licenses validated. To run the shop without the renewal of the licenses tantamount to offence in the eyes of the law of the land and also it is their legitimate right. It is therefore, requested to open the portals once again with the strict warning to get their applications for the re-registration of licenses and also for the issuance of the new licenses, routed though departmental site.
Shiv, Basohli.

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