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Relocate Tehsil HQ Chiralla

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The villagers of eleven Halqa Panchyats of erstwhile Tehsil Thathri, namely Kandote, Sharote, Panthan, Bhella, Chagsoo, Panshie, Thallela, Jagota, Ponaja, Rukali, Bhallara highlight the genuine grievances of the minority community dominated 11 Panchyats for justice to the poor public who are deliberately ignored.
The residents of the above said 11 Panchyats has been demanding since long the creation of a new Tehsil/ CD Block with its H/Q at some central place falling in between Sunarthawa and Thathri and have proposed the following places as its centre- Bhella, Panthan or Kandote {Parnote). And the public of 11 Panchyats of six Patwar Halqas had submitted their genuine demand before every committee constituted for creation of new administrative units before Dy. Chief Minister, Chairman, Sub-Committee, concerned MLAs and MLCs, Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Dy. Commissioner Doda and Tehsildar Thathri on due dates as when asked for. But in spite of our all efforts, our genuine demand has not been taken care of. And the three new Tehsils/ CD Blocks have recently been created out of erstwhile Tehsil Thathri, District Doda, These are:-
(1)Kahara, 10 to 12 kms away from Thathri.
(2)Figsoo only 5-6 kms away from Thathri.
(3)Chirallah H/Q Sewa 52 kms away from Thathri, neglecting 25-30 kms long stretch of eleven Halqa Panchyats as mentioned above.
The miserable plight of this neglected area is worthwhile to mention in that two Panchyats namely Kandote and Sharote have been linked with Tehsil Figsoo. Five to Seven Panchyats are linked with Tehsil Chiralla H/Q Sewa and two to three Panchyats are kept with Thathri and Panchyat Thallela is also linked with CD Block Chiralla H/Q Sewa. Both these newly created Tehsils H/Qs are far away from the above said Panchyats and have put these Panchayats in great trouble. It is worthwhile to mention here that Tehsildar Thathri as per the directions of his higher authorities had sought the consent of the afore said Panchyat representatives and non has excepted, Figsoo or H/Q Sewa of Tehsil Chiralla as their Tehsil/ CD Block but our resolutions were not taken care of. Concerned MLAs have recommended our demand as genuine but how it all happened is a mystery that we do not know at all.
These 11 Panchyats are a thickly minority populated area having a population of nearly about 20,000, we fear that a sort of conspiracy is being hatched by some mischievous elements to destroy the bond of friendship among the peace loving people of erstwhile Tehsil Thathri. These elements are hell bent to make the poor people suffer for no fault of theirs.
We request to the concerned authorities that either the H/Q of Tehsil Chiralla be shifted to some centrally located place i.e Bhella, Panthana or Parnote instead of Sewa or Tehsil Figsoo which is only at a distance of 5 to 6 kms from Thathri or be shifted to one of the central located places as mentioned above. If our Govt. is financially sound enough to create two Tehsils in one Patwar Halqa and other Tehsil in two Patwars Halqas then a new Tehsil for six Patwar Halqas be created at a centrally located place of the above said Panchayats.
However if our genuine demand as mentioned above is not accepted we shall all be compelled to come on roads till the logical conclusion and the concerned authorities at the helm of affairs shall be responsible for this unjust act.

Behari Lal Bhagat,
Naib Sarpanch.

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