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Relevance of Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram

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Er Prabhat Kishore

Ram Navami is the birthday of Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram, which falls on 9th day of the Indian New Year Chaitra Shukla Paksha of Vikrami Samvat. Bhagwan Ram is the seventh and most popular Avtar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu Dashavatar and has taken birth on earth in Treta Yug to destroy evil forces. The nine-day auspicious Chaitra Navratra festival also concludes on this day. Lord Surya is the ancestor of Ram, so devotees start this auspicious day by ‘Jal Arpan’ (offering water) to the supreme God Surya in the morning.
In Treta Yug, not only Prabhu Ram, but other personalities were also incarnations of Gods and Goddesses who played their specific role as ordinary human beings. Goddess Lakshmi incarnated as Mother Sita, Sheshnag as Lakshman, Sudershan Chakra as Bharat, Panchjanya Shankh as Shatrughan. The entire Leela of God’s Avtar was for the victory of goodness over evil forces and the establishment of Dharma on earth after the removal of Adharma.
Beloved by the people, adored by his Gurus and admired by the Rishis-Munis, Lord Ram is the epitome of courtesy and virtues. Lord Vishnu has incarnated on earth to demonstrate how an ideal human being should follow the path of Dharma. Prabhu Ram symbolizes a devoted son, an ideal husband, an ideal brother, a loyal friend, an ideal warrior and above all an ideal king. That is why an ideal and utopian democratic system in all ageson earth has been termed as ‘Ram Rajya’. Ram Rajya is known as the period of happiness, peace, duty, justice and prosperity. Shri Ram’s life is full of struggle and even in the toughest circumstances he did not deviate from the path of righteousness, compassion and wisdom. He set the highest standards of conduct and upheld the greatest of virtues and ethics in every walk of life. He was savior for the weak & the oppressed and was ruthless in penalizing the vicious forces. The teachings from his life are guiding all sections of the society. The name & fame, wealth, physical charming all fade up with time, but the noble character, boundless compassion and magnanimous deeds endure for all the times. Some special characteristics of Ram- Being dutiful, Courageous, Intelligent, Justice, Kindheartedness, Obedience, Patience, Popularity, & Universal love are the torch bearer for the human world.
The story of Prabhu Ram has been scripted in various languages and by various authors in their own ways. Of these epics, ‘Ramayana’ in Sanskrit by Maharshi Valmiki and ‘Ram Charit Manas’ in Hindi by Goswami Tulsidas are the most popular among devotees. Prabhu Shri Ram has special significance in other sects originating from Sanatan Dharma, particularly in Sikhism. In holy scripture of Sikh community, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, the name of Prabhu ‘Ram’ has been chanted 2533 times. Prabhu Ram is Nirgun as well as Shagun. His personality and teachings are not limited to a particular sect, belief or space, rather he is ideal for all human beings. He is present in soul of everyone and available each and every particle of the universe (Kan Kan Mein Prabhu Shri Ram). Ramnavami is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by people all over the world with special prayer, Pujas, and processions of Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman. Fasting on this day can help purify the body and mind and brings blessings and good fortune. Shri Ram creates the path to the devotees to reach the zones of liberation and immortality.

(The author is a technocrat & academician).

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