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Reject exploiters, embrace progress: Azad

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JAMMU: Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Ghulam Nabi Azad, on Friday underscored the imperative for change and implored voters to back a candidate, who advocates for fairness and equality irrespective, of caste or religion.
Addressing a public meeting in Thatri, Kishtwar, rallying support for the party’s Lok Sabha candidate, G.M. Saroori, he stressed the significance of electing leaders dedicated to serving the needs of all constituents and fostering a climate of inclusivity and mutual respect.
Amidst an atmosphere brimming with enthusiasm, Azad fervently appealed to the people to throw their weight behind Saroori and the principles he stands for.
He said: “We must vote for the candidate who will ensure justice for people of all religions. My track record is clear – we have never discriminated against anyone. I have consistently advised my party leaders to raise their voices for all, regardless of whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, or Christians. Our mission is to uplift the poor and become their voice. While other parties have exploited people in the name of religion, we are committed to delivering justice.”
Azad appealed to the people to vote for development, emphasizing the importance of choosing candidates who are dedicated to the progress and upliftment of the people.
He said, ‘The Chenab Valley has been consistently ignored by other parties. As a native of this region, I keenly feel the pain of my people. While others have merely exploited their voters and done nothing in return, we have actively worked to build colleges, roads, schools, universities, hospitals, and gardens. We are committed to continuing this progress, but we need your support to do so.”
Azad reminded the people of his impassioned speeches in parliament regarding Article 370 and statehood.
He said: “It was only me who fought for your rights when other MPs remained silent; the government has agreed to the restoration of statehood. However, our journey doesn’t end here. We must continue to strive for full statehood, and for that, we need to intensify our efforts and rely on your unwavering support.’
Azad said: “If the people support our mission, we will introduce legislation in the State assembly to safeguard our job and land rights. Additionally, we are committed to restoring the Roshi scheme, which solely benefited the underprivileged. Unfortunately, the government revoked it. However, my government will reinstate the Roshni scheme to ensure justice and support for those in need.”
He made a fervent appeal to the people, urging them not to fall under the influence of those with a history of exploiting the people.
He emphasized that while such entities have nothing substantial to showcase, the two and a half years of dedicated developmental work done by the government during his tenure as Chief Minister speaks volumes about their commitment to progress and welfare.
He urged voters to make choice based on the track record of candidates and emphasized the need to support those genuinely dedicated to serving the community’s interests.

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