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Red stone palace turning black

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Dear Editor,
The red stone palace that housed the High Court and the Public Service Commission till the recent past is now decaying, as the area has become a parking place for vehicles. The emission of the vehicles is turning the red stone into black. This heritage complex is not made for parking of cars and mini buses. The government seems to have turned a blind eye. Haphazard parking, unattended heaps of debris and wild plants grown on its walls are the perfect description of government’s neglect and nonchalant attitude towards the Dogra heritage.
The complex has become a victim of official neglect. Had the government initiated timely restoration work, many historical structures could have been protected and brought to their original shape. The complex spreads over 14 acres of prime land in the heart of old city and is still facing the neglect.There is a need to take immediate steps to conserve and develop the complex into its original architectural form. It’s very unfortunate that this Dogra heritage is slowly becoming a parking lot. I believe that if its glory is restored it will help in promoting tourism in the State.
Shatrughan Jamwal,
Panjthirthi, Jammu.

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