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PVC Maj Som Nath & PVC NK Yadu Nath made extreme exemplary sacrifices to secure delayed Accession of J&K

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Why not atleast in 2023 Name Srinagar (Badgam) & Jammu Airports in their name


The Accession of J&K was delayed beyond August 1947 and the J&K State acceded to India Dominion only on 26th October 1947 and that too after ‘Pakistan” engineered open attack on J&K from Muzaffarabad side on 22nd Oct with limited state forces almost dismantled. The prince of Jammu& Kashmir had no option other than acceding to India , he signed and sent the Instrument of accession on 26th October 1947 under a covering letter to the then Governor General of India Dominion also mentioning reasons for delay Major Som Nath Sharma had made exemplary extreme sacrifice on 3rd November 1947 to protect the Srinagar Airport as otherwise there was no possibility for saving more of Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region from falling in the hands of Pakistani raiders like other areas of Indian state of J&K as were occupied by Pakistan in 1947-48.
Where as2nd PVC Naik J(Y) adunath Singh guardedTaindhar Ridge and kept Pakistan away from Nowshera & Hence large part of J&K out of from occupation by Pakistan. The Yadunath Memorial Stoneat Taindhar Top near Naushera (era reads< No. 27373 NK Yadunath Singh PVC ( Posthumous) 1 Rajput ( 4 Guards ) Born 21 November 1916 Died in Action 6 February 1948 ” Your God is both your Cause, Your Battle and Captain, Come Life or Death, Your God will Bear Your Company, And Ever Keep This Field, This Place and This Days Service In His Grateful Remembrance” This Memorial is Erected in Solemn Tribute to A Warrior Legend Who Sacrificed His Mortal Being to A Greater Glory of Indian Nation on This Very Spot . NK Yadunath Singh Single Handedly Killed 230 Men of the Enemy And sacrificed His Yesterday so That Citizens of Naushera may live Their Tomorrow.. Inaugurated on 6 Feb 1996>.
The battle of Naushera (J&K ) , was a long drawn battle extending from late 1947 to 1948, needs to be remembered more for saving through valour and sacrifices of Indian soldiers a very large part of even the Jammu Province of the then just acceded Indian princely state of J&K , from Naushera through Rajouri to Poonch.1/7 Rajput Regiment was awarded in Independent India one Param Vir Chakra, two Maha Vir Chakras, nine Vir Chakras and eleven Mention in Dispatches for battle of Nowshera action.
Demands have been made by some well meaning persons (writer also) for naming Srinagar international airport after Major Som Nath Sharma (1st PVC) and the new coming up international airport after Nk Yadu Nath Nath Singh ( 2nd PVC). Prime Minister Narendra Modi had shown the path on last 23 January while in Andaman and Nicobar Islands in connection with Prakaram Divas celebrations and it was hoped that LG J&K Manoj Sinha too would take the path worth sending request proposals to Aviation Ministry for naming the Srinagar and Jammu airports also after the 1st and 2nd PVC decorated soldiers. But people are still hopefully hoping for conferring such like honours which the popular governments should have done long back but did not do.

(The author is Sr Journalist & leading scribe J&K affairs [email protected]).

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