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PSAJK calls for early winter vacation amid cold weather conditions

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SRINAGAR: In response to the plummeting temperatures and challenging weather conditions in Kashmir, the Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has urged the administration to announce winter vacations, particularly for lower classes.
The association has received numerous representations from both parents and schools, highlighting the difficulties faced by young students in the current weather.
Expressing concern, a spokesperson for PSAJK emphasized the hardships faced by young children in preparing for schools amidst freezing temperatures and foggy conditions.
“For a 4-year-old, getting up early and preparing for school in this weather is extremely difficult. We are not a developed nation where houses, buses, and schools are centrally heated. We have to adapt to the weather,” the spokesperson stated.
The association also underscored the challenges faced by parents in preparing their children for school in such adverse weather conditions.
PSAJK raised the issue of the potential negative impact on children’s health due to exposure to extreme foggy conditions and sub-zero temperatures. The association pointed out that such conditions in schools make it difficult for children to focus, resulting in wasted class time.
“To safeguard the health of our children, we urge the government to announce winter vacations as early as possible,” the spokesperson urged.
Additionally, PSAJK reiterated its long-standing demand to align the academic calendar with local temperature conditions. The association argued that the current March session is not suitable for Kashmir, given that schools typically complete their syllabus up to November. The spokesperson emphasized the need to switch back to the old calendar, aligning it with the October session, which is a norm in countries with harsh winters.
“The March session has created numerous problems, and it needs to be dealt with before more damage is done. The October session is a norm in almost every country that has harsh winters, and we are not demanding something extraordinary,” the spokesperson added.
PSAJK has exuded confidence that the government will consider their plea to ensure the well-being of students and align the academic calendar with the local weather conditions.

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