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Pollution is considered to be directly related to nature, but it is not only related to the harm or damage caused to any one thing but to spoiling or wasting all those natural resources which nature has handed over to us with great beauty. Are. We all have heard and read this saying that the way we behave with nature, we will get the same from nature in return.
For example, we can remember the time of Corona period lockdown, how the beauty of nature was seen, when all the man-made things (vehicles, factories, machines etc.) were closed and the pollution level in India dropped for a few days. It had reduced considerably or rather, it had almost become zero.
One thing is as clear as water from this example that it is only humans who are responsible for the natural events, disasters, epidemics etc. happening from time to time. Whenever we talk about nature or natural resources, they include all those things that man has received as a gift from God or nature.
These include things like air, water, trees, plants, animals and birds, rivers, forests, mountains etc. As humans, it is our first duty to protect all these natural things and resources. Nature will protect us only when we protect it.

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