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Playing sports is generally a great way to improve your fitness and health. Playing not only keeps your body healthy but also improves your mind and mental health. Actually, activities like sports improve your blood circulation, mood and mental health. Apart from this, in today’s stress-filled world, sports is the only thing that can help you become stress free in just a few minutes.
Nowadays, due to sedentary lifestyle, lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart attack are increasing among people. In such a situation, it is important that you speed up your stalled life. Sports gives you mobility and makes you active. It keeps your heart fit, makes bones healthy, reduces the risk of obesity, improves sleep and brings coordination and balance to the body.
Engaging in sports is not just about physical fitness but more than that. Playing sports often means being part of a team and allows for skill building in many areas. As well as learning all the techniques involved in the game, children can also develop their life skills. Playing team sports promotes cooperation and sharing, resilience, goal setting, and relationship building. Learning how to lose is also an important skill that can often be learned through playing sports.
In J&K, the Government has therefore accorded a high priority to the promotion of sports in the UT by organizing various national and UT level games.

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