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Prof. M L Kokiloo-epitome of ‘Gyana’ of tolerance & patience

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P.L Khushu

Professor Makhan Lal Kokiloo left his physical body, when he breathed his last on April 3, 2023, in a situation of somber ecstatic penance to merge with the Ultimate.
Professor Kokiloo was a doyen of hidden spiritual grace. As a great “Tapaswi and Yogi”, he never minced any words to others, beyond his self, about his acquired abundant spiritual grace and knowledge. He was an epitome of “Gyana” of tolerance, silence, patience, solitude and above all having disdain for the “Moha” the material lust of the worldly luxuries.

He lived an astute family life full of “dharmic” norms, with resolute regard for his elders and sincere affection for his younger ones. He was like a candle light to his entire family, which was a big joint family initially and continued to be so, after the bifurcation of this family in smaller families, due to the constraints of the situation in Kashmir.
Professor M. L. Kokiloo was a committed devotee and disciple of the great Shaivacharya Swami Lakhman Joo, who was a great saint and master of the tradition of Kashmir Shaivisim, having the glorious unbroken “Guru Shishya” lineage of the Great Abhinavagupta.
He was a great spiritual saint of highest order, having a profound and deep understanding of the philosophy and practices of Kashmir Shaivism.
Professor Kokiloo being the principle disciple of the great “Ishwar Swaroop Swami Ji”, had imbibed in him all the qualities of a ” Shavaite”, as also mastered the philosophy of “Kashmir Shavisim”, from his Guru the Swami Ji, while having been in his spiritual association for decades. As the great “Ishwar Swaroop Swami Ji”, would say that “Kashmir Shaivism” is an enquiry into the truth of human existence and experience, Professor Kokiloo had attained a complete mastery over its logistic fibers and components for its practice and preaching amongst others.
The great “Ishwar Swaroop Swami Ji”, would call him with a simple affectionate name, “Makhan Lal”.
Professor Kokiloo was a post graduate in Sanskrit and Hindi, when initially he taught Sanskrit in Gandhi Memorial College Srinagar, a private college, for a short duration of time and finally became professor of Sanskrit and Hindi and taught in a Government Degree College in Srinagar for Women till his retirement.
In his spiritual journey, he was deeply associated with the Institute of Kashmir Shaivism, at Guptaganga, Srinagar, where Swami Ji himself would give lectures and would preach and teach his disciples the cult and basis of spirituality and its ecstasy.
After the mass exodus of KP’s he settled in Delhi at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi along with his family. Ishwar Ashram Trust, (founded by Ishwar Swaroop Swami Laxaman Joo Maharaj), which was established in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, as well, when Professor Kokiloo was a pioneer figure and person among others to have it established at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, against heavy odds, in getting the land allotted to this trust by the DDA. His contribution in making this “Asharm” along with its building block and a temple inside it, is a remarkable contribution of his in this regard, when he whole heartedly dedicated himself to this job. His association with “Malini” a pioneer quarterly journal issued by the Ishwar Ashram Trust, on the Kashmir Shaivism, is remarkably acknowledged by one and all. His literary contributions to this spiritually related journal by way of writing articles for it, on Kashmir Shaivism and the like are superb and laudable.
He was one of the members of its editorial board. His potent and prolific speeches and discourses on the matters related to spirituality and Kashmir Shaivism, are on record to be the best and loaded with original teachings and preaching’s of “Ishwar Swaroop Swami Laxaman Ji”.
Above all his dedicated service to the Ishwar Ashram Trust , New Delhi, located at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, has no parallels. His devotion to this Ashram and Trust, on all specific occasions and ceremonial events like ” Annual Shradhas” and ” Birth Days” of “Ishwar Swaroop Swami Laxaman Ji”, his spiritual guru Swami Ram Ji and Swami Mehtab Kak, speaks volumes about his inner linkages loaded with highest spiritual fervor with all these God’s sent Saints and Avatars.
Alas, we have lost that ever smiling face, which is the will of the Cosmos, through the agency of “Kaala” the Time. There is no remedy for it. But he has left his “Shereera” smilingly, while going to higher plane of existence which is ” Swarga” the ” God’s Abode of Bliss”. His demise is a great loss to our community, which is very difficult to fulfill. Hope that the trustees of Ishwar Ashram Trust, will recognize and admire his selfless services to the Trust.
I on my behalf and on behalf of my other KP community members, pray to lord Shiva to grant him ‘Mokhsha” and enough courage to the bereaved family to bear his loss. (Om Shanti).

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