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Pressure horns continue to irk Jammuites

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Dear Editor,
With huge pressure of vehicles on the roads of Jammu, the measures taken by the administration and Traffic Police to streamline the system are proving a failure. There is nothing wrong in saying that the traffic light system too has failed to curb the situation. No one here follows traffic laws.
In our city, honking is a major reason behind increase in noise pollution as people here honk unnecessarily. For some, honking is simply fun and nothing else. You are feeling happy, so you honk, almost as if you are a kid playing with a noise-making toy.
The use of pressure horns is banned under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 of the Central Government. However, despite the ban, the police as well as the District Transport Department has miserably failed to check the menace.
The deafening sound of pressure horns has made life hell for shopkeepers, especially located near Kachi Chawni, Parade, Purani Mandi, Bikram Chowk, Gandhi Nagar, Nanak Nagar, Airport Road, Jewel Chowk, Canal Road, Bakshi Nagar and Janipur. The shopkeepers are up in arms against the police administration and want an immediate check on this.
Daily, a number of matadors pass through Jewel Chowk and these mini bus drivers use loud horns which cause damage to ears. You can see Traffic Police challaning the commuters over minor violations, but they altogether turn a blind eye towards this glaring infringement of law.
It is really sad that such things are happening right in front of the blue cops and still nothing is being done by them. Sometimes patients or senior citizens are in the car and still the people keep on honking their shrill noised pressure horns. They are hardly bothered about the problem being caused due to this to the other people. I think Traffic Police needs to be more active and should keep a check on this.
Bakshi Nagar,

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