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Our Indian culture is full of love and intimacy. In our Indian culture, the lesson of Vasudev Kutumbakam is taught. May you be the guest of God and has described your earth as a mother. Many great scholars have also addressed India with the statement of unity in diversity. Thus, Indian culture is an amalgamation of diversity.
In which all the pearls of Indian culture have been threaded together in one thread. Here everyone has a different idea, every community has its own food and behaviour, diversity is found in many things from costumes and language. But unity in diversity is the specialty of our Indian culture.
Our Indian culture has influenced our country to an advanced level. But after the arrival of the British, our Indian culture got many injuries. Due to which many changes were also made in our Indian culture. Forgetting their real culture, Indians started moving towards English civilization.
The British changed various parts of our Indian culture such as arts, science, religious beliefs and customs from time to time. This change also made Indian culture harmful. This is the reason why our Indian culture has been left behind in the present times.
If we want to preserve our Indian culture, then we should get complete information on all the subjects of our Indian culture. After this the information should be passed on from generation to generation. Undoubtedly, with this effort our culture will play an important role for the coming generations.

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