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Present regime has snatched even ‘Right to life’ of opposition: Harsh

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BJP has become law unto itself


JAMMU: “With several cases of assaults, abuses, threats and attempts on the life of NPP leaders and workers by BJP goons having been disregarded by a biased regime and harassment doled out to victims while giving open field to its criminals, the saffron party seemed to have assumed to itself the role of judge, Jury and executioner all in one. There was no space for dissent in BJP rule with the saffron leaders and their sycophant officers pursuing a policy of victimization of political opponents.
The administration was being used by BJP not only to promote it political prospects but also to bully and browbeat the opposition. And in the process the criminal elements were openly being used to intimidate, abuse and assault the NPP workers with none to take cognizance”.
This was stated by Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, while addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
Speaking to media persons, Singh said that during the recent elections several NPP workers were booked in false and frivolous cases while granting immunity to BJP goons from legal action despite dozens of criminal complaints having been filed against them.
“Even the top leadership of NPP including its female leaders were abused and assaulted with no cognizance taken by authorities concerned. The authorities concerned have failed to take action against the BJP goons despite threats to kill NPP leaders having been issued by them and video records having been provided to the govt. It was a policy of absolving the criminals affiliated to BJP and booking the victims allied with NPP. The BJP seems to have become a law unto itself with none to listen to shrill cries of dissenters for justice. And though there was no formal announcement that the fundamental rights have been suspended for opponents but their “Right to life” guaranteed under the constitution surely seems to have been snatched by the BJP regime. The murky developments have, as a consequence, shattered the faith of the common masses in the system and resulted in increased alienation. An abhorrent political mindset is posing the greatest threat to our very existence and constitutional guarantees”, observed Singh.
“In a system where dissent is bludgeoned through iron fist of police and civil administration besides money and muscle power, it is not practically possible for democracy to grow and flourish. But who would listen”,? lamented Singh.
“Its strange that even the autonomous agencies like SEC had failed to respond to even a single complaint lodged by the aggrieved workers of the party. The actions and conduct of the administration bear the stink of demise of a responsible govt. And lying forlorn on the wayside is the basic tenet that law is equal for all in a democratic set up” asserted Singh. With democracy fast giving way to authoritarianism and dictatorship, the conscientious citizens of this great nation must rise to the occasion to safeguard the most cherished rights and liberties guaranteed to all by the Indian constitution, said Singh.
Gagan Pratap Singh State Secretary JKNPP, Parshotam Parihar State Secretary Panthers Trade Union, Surinder Chouhan District President (Jammu Rural) and Pawan Rassal Tehsil President (Basantgarh) of JKNPP were also present in the press conference.

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