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Positivity can bail us out of every stressful situation: Principal JKPS Kunjwani

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JAMMU: A brilliant and thought provoking morning assembly was conducted by the students of Class 12th Humanities on the topic “Stay Positive and Stay Strong”.
Welcome the members of staff and students, the School Head Boy Shariq Raza Wani set the tone & tenor with a quote: “Our greatest glory is in never falling but in rising every time we fall”
Quoting a meaningful thought and energizing the audience, another Safoora stated, “Thinking positively is not about expecting the best to happen every time but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this movement”.
Then Sanchita, Catherine and other students conducted a wonderful activity titled “Projective Test on Stay Positive”, wherein a few students from various classes were invited on the stage and they were shown some pictures. Based on their observations, they were asked to share their observations. Responding to the very first picture, the first student said, “Buttterfly”.
The student of psychology interpreted the observation as, “colourful, vibrant, full of passion, and creativity. You will chase your passion with positivity and smile on your face”.
Responding to another picture, another student said, “Crab”. Another student of psychology interpreted the observation as, “How incredible: Small but clever, energetic, fast, fearless, lively and practical. Leaving beyond all your failures and fears, take the world in your stride”.
The third picture was compared with a Crown & the interpretation stated, “Absolutely Positive You are strong, powerful, superior and practical. You have excellent leadership qualities within you. You will become a great leader one day. The face of the child beamed bright with joy.
The fourth picture was given the term Birds. The interpretation ensued was “You are captivating, kind, gentle, caring, loving and yes hardworking. You will soar high in your life just like a bird and reach your lofty goal with pride”.
Reflecting her perception on the topic POSITIVITY, a brilliant student of the class Sanchita uttered, “When I asked some of my neighbours: what is positivity? The only positive thing they knew was COVID POSITIVE. Being strong is not about hitting the Gym and building muscles, it is about facing adversities with smile and grace. All we need is the change of perception and an optimistic view. I personally feel so glad to have such amazing mentors in our school. Physical strength is important and so is our mental strength and only then, we can be the change agent. Positively for me personally is having a positive perception and sticking to the inner belief system with indomitable spirit & confidence”.
Principal JKPS Kunjwani Rajesh Rathore appreciated students of Grade XII Humanities and their mentors for conducting such an engaging & enlightening assembly. He appreciated the Team for elevating the spirit and boosting the morale of the audience. He summed up by saying, “Only positivity can bail us out of every stressful situation today. Hence stay positive, come what may!”

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