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Political freeze

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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that Pakistan won’t dare to disturb peace on the borders is welcome. He also said, “We don’t want peace at the cost of our honour,” apparently referring to weak response shown by the earlier Congress-led Government on the issue of ceasefire violations by the rogue neighbour. However, the political freeze is prevailing between India and Pakistan, especially after calling off Foreign Secretary-level talks. The response from the government has gone well with the peoples’ expectations as far as retaliation by Indian forces was concerned. This has also helped in curtailing infiltration incidents. All efforts to upgrade ceasefire into permanent peace have always been stymied by Pakistan. The collapse of near-settlement negotiated through back channel during Pravez Musharraf’s regime also saw heightened instances of ceasefire violations by Pakistan including Mumbai attack. There is no denial of the fact that Pakistan has been the root cause for the regional strife. Evidences are discernible about Pakistan Army’s role in provoked aggression and of holding its own country as hostage and that is the one reason for its Kashmir obsession. And whenever there is a civilian government in Pakistan the incidence of caeasefire violations go up.  Even the nuclear armed status of both the countries have not changed the balance and has not worked as a detente. As far as India is concerned Kashmir issue has historical roots and both are not in a position to clear it in near future. India will have to talk tough with Pakistan and Kashmir is going to remain an integral part of the country.

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