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PM Package employees need healing touch


Dear Editor,
Kashmiri Pandit Package employees – the victims of genocide and the aborigines of Kashmir are being disregarded and discriminated by the ruling centre government. The issues, woes and miseries of the Package employees are being overlooked by the LG administration and very unfortunately the repressive government is now suppressing the voices of these hapless employees. Keeping in view the present precarious situation in Kashmir, these patriotic package employees are rightly demanding their relocation outside the valley. Since the martyrdom of Rahul Bhat, the package employees are on roads and are peacefully protesting for the last 106 days in support of their relocation demand as they feel apprehensive about their safety and security. But the BJP centre government is not paying any sort of heed towards the sad plight of these employees, which is indeed very sorry state of affairs. It is the height of injustice that the government is labeling PM package employees as the second class citizens of the country and thus these nationalist migrant package employees have become now the ‘Prisoners of War’. It seems like that the LG administration and centre government is treating these employees as if they are the ‘Children of a Lesser God’. However, the BJP centre government’s narrative of normalcy in Kashmir has completely fallen flat as the overall security apparatus in Kashmir is worsening day by day. The spate of targeted and selective killings of religious minorities has triggered a wave of fear and insecurity among KPs in general and package employees in particular. All this boils down to the fact that the working conditions for PM package employees is not conducive in the valley. Therefore, the centre government should come out of their ego and prestige problem and immediate directions be given to the J&K UT administration for relocation/attachment of all PM package employees to Relief Commissioners Migrant Office Jammu till normalcy limps back to Kashmir.
Vivek Koul,

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