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Plight of militancy affected migrants in Jammu

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Jitender Kohli

Since 1947 the society is bearing the outcome of so-called secularism qualified by the Nehru-Gandhi led Congress and its alliance. To hold the secular word they had converted the minorities to vote-bank section of society at the cost of majority. The division of society was obvious as the short sighted thought was pinned on day to day their survival ignoring the long term planning.  This division in disguise of secularism slipped down to the castes through region and religion.
Further the divided society was lured with subsidy and reservations to bring the entire society at par. The reservation to a particular family require its head to become par to other head of the upper caste family but it clinched with the so-called lower caste family from generation to generation even if this family has its member as state or national minister, on higher government organisation post or tycoon in the business field. How these families continue eligible to get reservation fruit? None has clarified it.
This division became more dangerous when it is made to recognise on religion cards. The leaders of each and every status storms to reach that spot where its recognised vote-bank community is involved at any status, as if evacuation of illegal occupation by them is condemned, objected and government also come out for compensation and either keeping them there by approving that as colony or provided alternate land of their choice. Their migration of all kind may be due to militancy or not is treated worth of all compensation and resettlement. Even the ex-militants are brought under this shadow of resettlement.
The leaders who claim as the only their saviours create fuss in Parliament, Assembly, on road in many shape by damaging public property, development and nuisance for the common people.
This face of these leaders appear defaced when they sit like Mahatma Gandhi’s monkeys when society observe that the majority community of Jammu region, victim of militancy, about twenty five years back migrated from their native land to, in and around, Jammu city remain un-cared. These victim people neither got the status of migrant, no relief, and no help from any quarter of the political and non-political leadership of Jammu region.
On this line, the society observed repeated dislocation of such migrated lot of Jammu region of majority community having twenty or twenty five families migrated to Jammu living in Jhugies opposite Aap Shambhu Temple, Roopnagar JDA Housing Colony Jammu. They had knocked at the door of all those leaders of every political or non-political organisation including ex-Congress Minister Raman Bhalla who on 20th September 2011 on their application directed VC JDA to examine and to take necessary action, still eating dust therein.
Since then the government machinery activated their effort to evacuate these families without arranging any alternate place for them. Even the JDA could on installment payments term lease out this land to these families or provide them land on other spot. But all this was not done by the government machinery.
When these families were crying, their Jhugies were being destroyed by government machinery none of the Jammu regional leader came to rescue them inspite of many people of society intimated variant leaders.
The wound of these people were further salted when they were called for by one of the most prominent leaders to his party headquarter to listen to them never turned-up  making them to sit there for the entire day.
Society knows, none will help them, none will listen to them, none will think for the future of those girls who are reaching their marriageable age, boys instead of seeing schools are made for the child labour,  still these families are working as labour with the worry of day to day bread which is more dangerous for their existence when the weep out for the roof they need over their head. Now being scattered fearing next evacuation.
Beti-Bachau schemes, ensured education, each to get food and rescuing all the victims, resettlement of displaced are perhaps not for these or such people who belong to majority community doesn’t fall under vote-bank category or so-called secular definition though they belong to Jammu region and not migrated from any other part of State or nation.
The society was and is still confused what it should think of these leaders attitude, their priorities or their planning which hoists nationality, Sab-Ka-Saath, equality and protection of sufferers. There are leaders seen around standing with all the communities or traders telling they stand with them but elude such victims. There are leaders who bitterly dramatise by weeping on electronic media but ignore it too.
Who is culprit, these leaders or the society? Leaders lured and society believed.  Commonly it is said the God is keeping the nation alive not the so-called saviours. Let’s believe if someone is sent by God to rescue these families. Let’s keep our fingers cross for it.
(The author is a Journalist, Ex- State Press & Publicity Secretary; VHP J&K State Unit)

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