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Pavlovian response

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Dear Editor,
It is sickening to note that the Congress and a few other Opposition parties such as the CPI(M), have not yet emerged from the syndrome of deep prejudice against and hostility to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even after the lapse of several months when they suffered a humiliating defeat in the general election.
It is a manifestation of petty-mindedness mixed with jealousy, frustration and pique, that they don’t notice that, after an impressive victory, Modi has received an unprecedented reception by the Indian Diaspora in New York and Washington, DC, as also personally from US President Barack Obama and the US media.
I am deeply saddened by the typically Pavlovian reflex of the Congress leadership. It seems that Modi’s political opponents are so blinded by their hatred of the BJP leader that they cannot accept anything good that he does, despite tremendous popular support – such as in the case of ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ that he initiated on Gandhi Jayanti.
M Ratan
New Delhi

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