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Pathankot Airbase attack

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Dear Editor,
We condemn the attack at Pathankot Airbase by terrorists belonging to Jaish-e- Mohammad headed by Azhar Masood who was exchanged from an Indian jail to Afghanistan Airport securing release of passengers held captive in an Indian Airlines flight during previous BJP government in 1999.
As per the latest information at 4:30 PM of 3rd January, six terrorists have been shot dead and in this job eleven Indians have laid down their lives. Thus in eleven families there is tense situation. While consoling the mother, the wife of Kulwant Singh informed that her two sons have pledged to join army as tribute to their father.
The terrorists who attacked Pathankot Air Force Base are believed to have infiltrated through the same point as the perpetrators of last 27th July Gurdaspur terror attack. Pathankot Air Base is one of the strategically most important airbases of India as well as vital base for tactically offensive operations. What does this speak? The lapses at various quarters need to be identified and plugged effectively.
As and when the conducive environment begins for dialogue between India and Pak, the terrorists do make their presence felt by striking in the country. Their [terrorist’s] aim is to derail the dialogue process.
Terrorism is the biggest enemy of humanity in both the countries. Ending terrorism and terrorist camps should be the priory of first order during the talk. It can be tackled when both India and Pak jointly launch operations to finish the terrorist camps and moving forward on other issues enforcing oneness like a family.
Following attack, discussions as usual have started on various channels. These discussions shall make the situation more complex and war like atmosphere. We have to strengthen our intelligence and security plugging loopholes wherever exist following these repeated attacks within Indian territory.
Attack on Indian side is painful. I ask/appeal to the readers irrespective of affiliations to condemn this attack in reference along with further promoting dialogue to continue and live like family by the people politically divorced in 1947.
DR. Kuldeep Singh

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