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Pak’s nefarious plans

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Continuous ceasefire violations by the Pakistan Army are a blatant reflection of its nefarious plans against India. Since Pakistan doesn’t have the gumption to face India in conventional warfare, it has resorted to the proxy war to let out the frustration and hatred which it has nursed for years.
Fear and failure has seeped into the mindset of its generals and commanders, so much so that they have transformed their army into a near-terrorist organisation, as respectful armies take on their enemies head-on while the terrorists hit and run. It is the same Army that had refused to accept the dead bodies of its soldiers in the Kargil conflict.
Pakistan knows that it cannot break away Kashmir from India as it will not be able to stand up to the challenge posed by the Indian Army. Though Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif doesn’t have any control over his spoilt army, now is the time for him to walk the talk of peace.

–>R.S Jamwal


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