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Pakistan is on a suicidal path

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Dear Editor,
The recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir were an act of sheer frustration by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists. After seeing the massive voter-turnout in the first two phases of the State election, they would have realised that their strategy of misleading the Kashmiri youth was not working anymore. The people there are no more carried away by these terrorist groups, since they know that the only way forward is to become part of the mainstream and look for growth and development.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems helpless in front of his own army and the Inter-Services Intelligence. If he and other leaders believe that launching attacks on Indian soil from Pakistan will win them anything, they are mistaken. On the contrary, this will only further sully their image.  Given this backdrop, India indeed must launch a global diplomatic offensive against Pakistan.
Bal Govind

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