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Pakistan plot is to destabilise Kashmir

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Dear Editor,
Rightly has the author said that there is a local angle, a national angle, an international angle and an India-Pakistan angle. But, all these angles existed even in 1947-1948, when Maharaja Hari Singh acceded before India. The local angle was an instrument of accession in favour of India. The national angle was the legitimate accession of about 500 former princely states to India or Pakistan as per British scheme of partition process. The international angle was the faux pas of Jawaharlal Nehru to take up the case of Jammu and Kashmir to the United Nations which was not necessary.
The legacy continued with four wars between India and Pakistan during the past 70 years. Full-scale war is no more a possibility. Hence, diplomatic process must continue, but Pakistan must give up on its proxy war against India. Terror and talks cannot go hand-in-hand.

P. N Saxena
Via email

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