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The comments of Sartaj Aziz, who is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs, makes it more clear about the continuing sourness in the relations between India and Pakistan. He recently commented that Pakistan sees no hope of a breakthrough in relations with India under the Narendra Modi government. Escalation of tensions and the political temperament gives the credence that Pakistan wants to make world believe that the atrocities are being done by India only and it has no hand in the current situation in Kashmir. In reality, since the change of government in New Delhi after 2014 Pakistan was not on comfortable ground. The emergence of saffron party in power it feels is a direct threat to its own existence and to counter that Pakistan has been maintaining pressure on Kashmir and has kept the atmosphere  vitiated for over 90 days with as many lives lost to the turmoil. Maturity of diplomatic exercises though may not bring instant results but it sure has a long time impact. So India has to maintain diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and not to talk of war. Pakistan has nothing to lose in this confrontational stand, but India has to in infrastructure development and economic growth and overall persona of the country. Today emerging as responsible and global power India cannot sacrifice the position it has gained over a maverick state’s action. Till date Pakistan has not accepted any of the evidence India has handed over to it from Akshrdam Temple in Gujarat , Indian Institute of Sciences, Mumbai Taj Hotel attack, Mumbai attack, Pathankot Air Base attack and the latest in Uri and many more. It has refuted all the charges till date and in future also the stand will be same.  Aziz himself was on record when he said that the focal point of all these efforts was to show the world that entire Pakistan was united to condemn Indian action and extend moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiri people.

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