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Pak exposed

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Pakistan’s stoic stand has made clear that India had carried out the surgical strike on terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and feeling the heat it had shifted terrorist chiefs Masood Azar  and Hafiz Sayeed to safer location. Earlier it had done the same with Osama bin Laden in Abottabad who was eliminated by American forces. The hot pursuit principle followed by India has no doubt shaken the Pakistan establishment and amid escalating tensions, it still continues to strike a tough posture against India. Can now Pakistan deny that there is no terror machine operating from its soil? No doubt before winter intensifies, there will be more instances of encounters and infiltrations in Kashmir Valley. Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz saying that there can be no expectations of any breakthrough in ties with India during the tenure of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, came as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi told the world body that non-implementation of the Kashmir resolutions is the “most persistent failure” of the UN. There is no doubt that Pakistan wants to keep the issue alive and it will activate its sleeping cells to intensify action against security forces. The Monday seizure of JKEDI office building complex at Pampore second time in less than eight months is an indication that terrorists and their masters sitting across the border are not going to change their posture. In keeping with Islamabad’s attempt to bring global focus on Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister’s special envoy on Jammu and Kashmir was in the US where he presented a “dossier containing evidence of the atrocities carried out by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir” to Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, Peter Lavoy on Friday.  As the reports of at least 250 terrorists belonging to three Pakistan-based terror groups were active in the Kashmir Valley and are trying to target security forces to “avenge” the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian army in PoK has exposed Pakistan bluff and cemented the argument that it is not going to change its posture as far as Kashmir is concerned.

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