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Over 10 animals, catttle stolen from yard in Channi; Rohingyas involvement suspected, Police fails to take action

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Malu Sharma

A recent incident of animal theft has developed rage among all animals lovers and especially the volunteers of Save Animals Value Environment (SAVE), a NGO working for animals and which is always on the forefront to raise voice against cruelty to speechless animals.
On the fateful night of November 30, 2020; over 10 animals including Bull, horse and calf were stolen from a yard situated in Channi where they were kept. An FIR was registered in Police Station Channi Himmat on the same day but it is unfortunate that no action has been taken by the officials till date.
While talking to STATE TIMES, Chairperson SAVE Rumpy Madaan said, “It is an alarming incident in which involvement of Rohingyas and bovine smugglers is suspected. Over 10 animals are stolen from my shed in Channi and nothing has been done by the Police so far. No investigation, no search. Nothing has been done till date. Someone damaged my property, stole animals kept there but Police is clueless and behaving irresponsibly. There were horses, bull, calf which I raised like my children and suddenly one night they all are stolen and no has any answer who did this?” Rumpy Madaan further added, “This is really alarming that such a big incident of theft happened and Police is ignoring it. I am sure that some big fishes are involved in it due to which police is taking it lightly and has done nothing in this case. There are so many illegal settlements in Channi and I suspect Rohingyas involvement in it. It’s now more than 5 days but I have no clue where my animals are? What happened to them?”
She asserted, “I would like to mention here that Police Patrolling team used to roam in Channi at night hours, but it is surprising that even they did not hear noise and scream of animals. There is surely some gang or racket behind the theft. I want justice for my animals.”

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