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Ordinances brought to get past opposition ‘terror’: Govt

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NEW DELHI: Justifying the Ordinances brought by it after having failed to get the Bills passed in Parliament, government on Friday said it has done so due to the “compulsions forced by the Opposition’s terror”.
“We have to run the country. People have elected us to work. We are working. They are stopping us from work. You will not allow Parliament to function and not let the Bills be passed.
“To run the nation, when we come out with a way through a Constitutional Ordinance, then they criticise us. We have brought it due to the compulsions forced by the Opposition’s terror. The moment Parliament session starts, we will convert the Ordinances into Bills,” Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said.
He charged the Opposition does not allow passage of Bills in the Rajya Sabha even after the Lok Sabha passes the same after discussion and charged the Opposition with “not allowing the bills to be passed” despite accommodating them.
“You will not allow Parliament to function and not let the bills be passed,” he said, talking of opposition action in paralysing Parliament during the winter session.
Prasad, a senior BJP leader, said “the fear of a decisive loss” is still hurting the Opposition and thus was not allowing the government from functioning.
“There is still the fear of a  decisive loss in their hearts. They lost the country. They lost Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir. The pain of this series of losses is evident,” he said.
Government had brought a number of Ordinances soon after the winter session of Parliament ended to set the process of reforms in motion.
Government said the Ordinances reflect its intent in initiating crucial reforms required to give a push to the economy.

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