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Do they oppose Sainik Colony only because aspirants serve Indian nation?

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Opposition to setting up of a Sainik Colony in the Valley exposes double standards and hypocrisy of all the separatist and so-called mainstream parties which swear about the single entity of Jammu and Kashmir but actually treat Hindu dominated areas beyond Banihal tunnel as alien. If the State is one unit then they should have since opposed similar colony in Jammu, which has emerged as one of the posh areas of the greater city? If Jammu Sainik Colony does not impact demographic grandeur of the State or erode Article 370, how come the one in Srinagar will cause fall of heavens? In fact, the hysteria over Srinagar Sainik Colony speaks of the core agenda of all and sundry in Kashmir to keep the Valley free from minorities and those symbolising India. It is different that the mainstream players become ‘more loyal than kings’ when in power or in receipt of doles. Same is true about separatists, who during the darkness of night hobnob with those who they pose as enemies of Kashmiris during daytime.
Kashmir, represented by minuscule vocal elements in mainstream and separatist camps, is a classic example of deceit, deception and double standards.
After falling from grace, National Conference has been crying from over the rooftops against setting up of Sainik Colony in Srinagar. This is what its bête noire PDP was doing when in the Opposition. Behaving as anti-Indians is considered as a short cut to seat of power in the State!
A senior leader of National Conference has given wild dimension to the issue of the proposed Srinagar Sainik Colony by terming it ‘as a possible ruse to settle non-State subjects in the Valley’ and ‘glaring violation of Article 370’.
The NC has ruled Jammu and Kashmir for better part of the past four decades since 1975. Did any of its Chief Ministers ever tried to identify and throw out the non-State subjects who might have settled in Jammu Sainik Colony if their flight of imagination is given any consideration that these habitations are ‘brazen violation of the special status of the State’? Who do they want to hoodwink the public opinion and what agenda they want to fulfill by generating confusion at a time when terrorists and secessionists have again regrouped to further pan-Islamic agenda in almost radicalised Valley?
The NC does not stop here; it comes with yet another provocation of reminding the horrendous times of 2008 by saying,”Is the Mehbooba Mufti government trying to re-enact the 2008 turmoil where a PDP government set the State on fire in violation of the special status by giving away hundreds of Kanals of land to the Shrine Board in violation of legal norms, Article 370 and other constitutional provisions? Nobody has ever asked those opposing a few hundred Kanals of land for raising temporary facilities for Amarnath pilgrims in south Kashmir and parts of Ganderbal District that over a lakh Kanal of forest land was under the use of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board for smooth conduct of the world-famous Yatra? Doesn’t this huge chunk of land belong to Jammu and Kashmir, which enjoys special status under Article 370 as a unified State? After all, the NC, the PDP and the separatists are trumpeting ‘single entity of the state’ in every forum. The contradictions among Kashmir centric players are well motivated. They want unification of Muslim dominated areas as a counter to stated policy of India on Kashmir. The enthusiasm over the construction of Moughal Road and projection of Muslim dominated districts as Chenab Valley is a larger plan of carving out Greater Kashmir.
The response of the PDP led and BJP partnered government to NC’s venomous campaign against Srinagar Sainik Colony is intriguing. Instead of justifying on merits the need for a Sainik Colony in the outskirts of the summer capital, the government counters by stating that the process to establish Sainik Colonies in Kashmir was started when Omar Abdullah was the Chief Minister. “Some people have given it (establishment of Sainik Colony) a new dimension, saying that the PDP-BJP government has a hidden agenda,” a government spokesman said, adding, “The whole business started in the 73rd meeting of the Rajya Sainik Board in 2011 (when Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by NC-Congress led government)”. Is this the only justification by the State Government and that too when BJP is its partner and ruling the Centre? No! There is more than that meets the eyes. Otherwise, don’t the NC and PDP leaders, who have held important assignments of Chief Ministers, know that no non-State subject can rehabilitate in any colony coming up anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir, least to speak of the Valley?
It is ironical that boatsmen, Dal and Kuta Kanal dwellers, weaker sections and other segments of Kashmir society can have their colonies but not the ex-servicemen who are essentially Muslims of the Valley. Though there is no bar for the ex-servicemen of Jammu or Ladakh to have their share in such a colony but given the situation and radicalised nature of the Valley perhaps nobody will be tempted to settle down there. Still such a hue and cry! The answer to all this is crystal clear-the Kashmir centric so-called mainstream players and separatists don’t want any space for those who symbolise India.

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