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Opposition slams AAP over Tomar’s arrest, terms it a black day

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Satish UpadhyayNew Delhi: Opposition parties today came down heavily upon the AAP government following the arrest of Delhi Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar on charges of cheating and fraud in obtaining law degree and termed it a “black day” in history of state politics.

Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay demanded Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to resign for allegedly not taking action against Tomar.

He said law should take its own course and Kejriwal should have acted earlier for Tomar’s resignation.

“The kind of charges leveled against him (Tomar), which have been completely investigated. Police thinks 10 times before arresting a minister. And hence, police had been to university and all the places. Definitely, it is a black day in the political history of Delhi,” Upadhyay told reporters here.

Asked about AAP’s protest over Tomar’s arrest, Upadhyay said the style of Kejriwal-led government is such that “what they (AAP) say is right, others are wrong”.

“This Government is completely Government of u-turns.

Autocracy and dictatorship… did Delhi want such experiment? Did Delhi want this kind of government whose ministers are caught in fake documents cases? Such allegations against a minister…that too a Law Minister…there can’t be more shameful thing for Delhi,” Upadhyay said demanding Tomar to first resign and then prove his innocence.

He also said when police has arrested Tomar, the AAP government should cooperate, as law should take its own course and no one was above law.

The BJP leader also claimed that there was no politics of vengeance involved in Tomar’s arrest by Delhi Police, which is under control of BJP-led Central government.

“Where is the politics of vengeance? This has been going on for past three months. Charges have been leveled. Nobody is above law. Kejriwal himself was arrested,” Upadhyay said.

Former Union Law Minister and Congress leader Veerappa Moily lambasted AAP for having Tomar as a Law minister.


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