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An open letter to the so called OBC leaders

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Dear Editor,
State OBCs have been struggling since long back for their constitutional rights. In earlier times just after freedom in 1947, there was only one ruling party viz. Congress in the State which ruled till 1975. Many so called OBC leaders remained in Congress and used to raise the OBCs issue of reservation. Many Chief Ministers like Gulam Mohd Bakshi, Mohd Quasim, Mohd Sadiq ruled the State but betrayed the State OBCs.
State OBCs generally trusted upon Congress but it cheated them and looted due share of the State OBCs.
Now there are many political parties instead of one in which so called OBC leaders are working but their role towards the achievement of the real goal is negligible.
State OBCs have tested the National Conference which started its era since 1975 with Sheikh Mohd Abdullah. State OBCs have exhausted all the possible options with NC but due to their inner treacherous policies, it failed to do justice with the State OBCs even after suggesting its Chief Minister Omar Abdullah a magic solution under Para 95 of the Apex Court’s Judgment on Mandal Report which allows RBA and ALC reservation under Art 16(1) viz the Horizontal Reservation (a legal point).
PDP ruled only three years with Congress. Chief Patron Mufti Mohd Sayeed at that time could not even tolerate the question when asked “There is one and only one definition in all the states and throughout the nation. Why it has three meanings in J and K? viz (i) RBA with 20 per cent. (ii) ALC with 3 per cent and (iii) OSCs (Not OBCs) with only 2 per cent under the same heading.” Socially and Educationally Backward Classes is a fraudulent move with muscle force. Recently in the month of March 2014 Mehabooba Mufti President of PDP also replied to the OBCs deputation, “We have not thought of the OBCs yet and these OBCs are also not with us.”
After about 67 years of independence, State rulers have failed to provide justice to the State OBCs and they are now entirely disappointed with these political parties which are the looters of the State OBCs rights.
What could be now the role of the so called OBC leaders working with such political parties. Many a time members of State OBCs Advisory and Development Board were appealed to resign to show solidarity with the State OBCs but all of them failed. To remain stuck with the political parties and with the OBC Development Board, these so called OBC leaders only exhibit one thing that they are in the habit of sub-ordination and have lost their morality and so are working against the State OBCs well qualified, educated youth and the generations to come. Once again they are appealed to shun such a filthy, undignified useless, meaningless and baseless working which goes against their own interests and join the social organisation AIBCU a sole organisation working for the social cause of the State OBCs. They should also stop appealing the State OBCs to favour NC, Congress and PDP for their treacherous role in the State.
It is the their sweet will whether they want to be called as loyal of their respective treacherous political parties or want to be loyal to their own young ones and generations to come.
Prof Kali Dass
Gen. Secretary AIBCU

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