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Only Congress can fight arbitrary style of functioning of BJP Govt: Bhalla

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‘BJP destroyed identity, status & rights of people’


SUNDERBANI: Former Minister & Vice President JKPCC Raman Bhalla said that BJP government is deliberately delaying the holding of early assembly elections and restoration of full statehood to J&K and asked people to send signal to the centre government in the DDC elections.
Addressing a largely attended public meeting at Marchola today along with PCC Chief Spokesperson and former MLC Ravinder Sharma, Bhalla said that BJP is avoiding holding of early assembly elections to give an elected government to people and restore the statehood, disbanded and downgraded to UT against the wishes of the people.
BJP has destroyed the identity, status and rights of the people. The people should give a strong signal to the centre that people are annoyed with the BJP’s actions and failure of their leaders who were elected by the people with great expectations.
He said that only Congress can fight the arbitrary style of functioning of the BJP government.
Bhalla said that BJP has ruined the future of youth, farmers and common people by its wrong policies and programmes in J&K.
The jobs have been opened up for outsiders, while land is available for sale at the cost of locals.
Urging people to vote against BJP and elect the Congress supported Independent candidate Arun Sharma in Sunderbani constituency, Bhalla said that only Congress can fight the wrong policies and politics of diversion and hate of the BJP in the whole country. He said that unity in diversity is the basic strength of our nation and long settled principle of Congress party.
Bhalla said that Congress party committed to fight the divisive and opportunist policies of BJP as the ruling party is hell bent to destroy the secular fabric of the nation for its vote bank politics.
All those who realize the failures of BJP on various fronts and the wrong narrators and falsehood of BJP should vote to defeat BJP.
He said that Congress has extended support to the independent candidate Arun Sharma, who has been exposing the failures and falsehood of BJP and lack of development in the area.
Chief Spokesperson JKPCC & Former MLC Ravinder Sharma referred to the number of projects got sanctioned by him during his tenure including Degree College at Sunderbani, two major hospitals, five BDO blocks, three tehsils, five niabats, 52 crore irrigation project, industrial estate and fruit mandi etc.
Sharma said several such initiatives are stand still due to neglect of BJP government.
Arun Sharma candidate Sunderbani in an impressive speech asked people to give him a chance to serve them and expose BJP’s false slogans.

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