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Oil terror

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At a time when America is sounding caution notes over the emergence of ISIS as one of world’s most financially strong terror groups, the incidents relating to waving of ISIS flags back home in Kashmir is being taken very lightly. The State Government should take the indicators seriously and initiate such steps so that similar incidents never occur. One should not underweight the financial clout of the terror group. The biggest money earner for the terror outfit is the captured Iraqi oil fields generating millions of dollars from the black marketing of oil sales, ransom and extortion. Unlike al-Qaida the outfit does not attract funds from deep-pocketed rich donors and has vast revenue fields making it one of the fastest and well-founded organisations. Most of the oil extracted from captured field is sold at substantially discounted prices to a variety of middleman, including those from Turkey, who then resell it also thus creating a huge financial power which can lure anybody. Instances of people from many countries getting attracted to are there. So incidents in the Valley should not be taken in isolation and the government coming out with statements giving all clear chit to youth involved in waving ISIS flag in the Valley defies all logic. The statement came from non-else than Chief Minister himself.  Army and National Security Advisor were on the same page when it came to security concern over the recurring incidents whereas political leaderships have just opposite stand. They said the incidents cannot be taken in lighter vein as it could be a new phase of re-emergence of terror activities as Kashmir too finds its place on ISIS radar.

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