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Dear Editor,
The Army Chief has rightly warned all ranks against ranting their grievances in social media. There are well laid down channels of airing one’s grievances/complaints, right from the sub-unit commander level to the Army Chief. And the redress mechanism is highly responsive which not only acts on complaints, but also has a good feedback system. Throughout my 38 years of active service, I have witnessed this system functioning effectively. Social media, of late, has become a lucrative passage for ‘problem creators’, which every organisation has in some numbers. Making negative videos is a reflection of indiscipline and insubordnation. Rather than trusting his own Commanding Officer, Brigade/ Divisional Commander, etc, he is throwing up the ‘problem’ to sensationalise ‘hungry media’ which then converts it into a public discussion. We are one of the finest armies of the world because of our discipline and operational fitness. Every CO takes pride in the good administration of his unit, including quality of food, and welfare of his men. As a CO, I used to have inter-squadron Llangar competition and tasted men’s food every day. Today, the range and variety of food items authorised to a jawan are double of what we had in our days. Visit any unit/post and see for yourself. But do not tarnish the army through loose talks. Keep us away from politics.
Col R. D Singh (Retd),
Ambala Cantt

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