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None should expect a happy life ever, if keeps mother unhappy: Principal, JKPS Kunjwani

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JAMMU: JK Public School Kunjwani celebrated the much-awaited Mother’s Day with aplomb. Indeed, this red-letter day makes the world acknowledge the incredible influence of a mother in every child’s life.
The children across the nation, irrespective of their community, caste, creed, colour or gender, express themselves passionately and reinforce their special bonding with their mothers.
Keeping these emotional ties in mind, the school had a special celebration on Mother’s Day. A plethora of activities were conducted in special Assembly, including dance and group songs. The highlight of the programme was a poignant skit presented by students of Grade 5 Falcon, wherein a son admitted his mother in an Old-age home and kept on promising her to accompany home, once he feels settled in his new job. Days passed by and he was completely engrossed in celebrating life with his friends. He stopped taking telephonic calls of his Mom and asked her to continue for some more time. One day when he decided to see his ailing mother and reached the Old-age home, he repented being too late and cried profusely, as his Mom passed away, waiting for her son for months together. There was a pin-drop silence and audience felt completely touched and moved.
Heart-warming feelings filled the air with intimacy, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement. Akriti, Parul, Manasya, Raman, Arnav, Rudra & their classmates enthralled the audience with their captivating dance performance on a medley of songs, dedicated to all the Moms.
Anchors also made the audience very poignant with their moving expression, such as:
Khuda ka kaam tha
Mohabbat karnaa,
Woh MAA karne lagi.
Khuda ka kaam tha
Hifaazat karnaa,
Woh MAA karne lagi.
Khuda ka kaam tha
Barkat karnaa,
Woh bhi MAA karne lagi.
Dekhte hi dekhte
Uski aankho ke aage,
Koi parvardigaar ho gaya.
Woh bahut pachhtaayaa;
Bahut maayoos hua,
Kyonki MAA ko
Banaa kar khuda bhi,
Berozgaar ho gayaa!
Principal Rajesh Rathore quoted, “Mother’s feet forms the holiest precinct on the planet”. He inspired the children to inculcate virtuous deeds and resort to ethical ways that makes the parents happy and contented.
“How ironical is the fact that human memory can’t retain the impressions from birth to attaining two years of age, when the parents shower their optimum love on children. Hats off to Moms for confronting countless, sleepless nights, wherein child kept on crying and got on mother’s nerves, yet she handled every situation with patience and smile! Rarely children can show even 20% of that patience, feeling of joy & smile to their Moms in their old age”, the Principal added.
“No person shall bid adieu to this mortal world happily, if failed to take care of his/her parents. If any child ditches his/her parents during their old age under any circumstances, he/she must be prepared to confront the same fate when the wheel of time takes a complete turn and they find themselves in the shoes of their parents. Alas! People realize the importance of a relation after losing it. Love your Mom & love your Dad! You will live your life happily, forever”, he further added.
All in all it was an extremely enjoyable and memorable day which left an indelible mark on the reminiscences of the audience.

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