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The recent enmass transfer of doctors and then reverting some and retaining some politically connected at their choicest  postings  and overcrowding at some places whereon leaving some understaffed in remote and far off places is nothing new than what  the previous governments in the State have been doing earlier also. The present dispensation of PDP-BJP combine came in power riding a promise of removing corruption and giving clean governance which is accountable to the people. These transfers ordered by the Health and Medical Education Department were mired in controversy in the wake of multiple postings of doctors and subsequent modifications to accommodate influential ones at their places of convenience thus showing nepotism in less than two months of government’s formation. Today in front of such exercise all the promises look empty with no substance and at ground level the administration looks non-responsive. There may be resentment in general over such policies but people have become habitual to live the life of neglect and despair as far as such issues are concerned. Strikes, Bandh and protests have remained the hall mark of Jammu edition of the new government with majority of the people wanting to express their ire against non-responsive State machinery which confined only  to lip sympathies till date. Now with shifting of the government to its summer sojourn at Srinagar, the situation one could foresee is more intensified agitations of different natures. The parties promising lofty dreams today will find answerless in front of the public and governance would become a victim of time. Politically nothing has changed on the surface except both governance and accountability have gone further from the people adding to the hardships. Will the government be able to come out of this vicious circle of political inability? Is to be seen in coming years.

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