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Who are those who have no trust in the nation

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 R K Sinha
A new class of people who are never satisfied has emerged on the national scene. The one point agenda of this class is to get all benefit from the country and then campaign and act against the nation. This class loses faith in the Supreme Court when Yakub Memon, accused in Mimbai serial blast is sentenced to death. They had no faith in the President of India Pranab Mukherjee who rejected the clemency petition of the accused Yakub.
The lose faith in the nation and in the Army after the successful surgical strike when they demand proof of the operation. Now when this class lost in the just concluded assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh they have lost faith in the EVM machines, This class now says the voting machines were tampered with.
This so called secular and progressive forces get their fodder from social media. They shamelessly raise ‘azadi slogans’ on street and in social media. When they are confronted with question what is your ‘azadi’ slogan, they would say we want ‘azadi’ from unemployment and injustice. They roam freely, give interview and write memoirs and auto-biography even after committing offence against the country because our law in lenient.
Time has come to identify these elements who turned out in thousands in the funeral procession of Burhan Wani, a Hisbul terrorist who was killed in encounter with the Army in Jammu & Kashmir.
Yakub Memon, accused in Mumbai serial blasts of 1993 was hanged in Nagpur central jail. Thousands of people gathered to participate in the funeral procession of Memon in Mumbai. How far it is justifiable that a man who is accused in terrorist act should be given support and sympathy by a section of the society? It is not. But the ‘azadi’ slogan shouting brigade was seen joining the people in the funeral procession of Memon.
After being rejected by the people of Uttar Pradesh in the just held assembly elections, BSP leader Mayavai has alleged that the voting machines were tampered. With this the ‘frustrated and disgruntled brigade jumped into the wagon of Mayavati. These elements are now saying that senior BJP leader L K Advani also had raised suspicion of EVM machines being tampered in earlier elections.
Surprisingly, these forces are quiet on the outcome of the elections in Punjabm Goa and Manipur. They don’t see any malfunctioning of the EVM in these states. One may ask when Mayavati won elections and came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2007 and Akhilesh Yadav won the polls in 2012, nobody talked of tampering of voting machines. Former chief election commissioners incluing Qureshi have said that it is baseless and wrong to say that EVM are tampered to favour any candidate of party.
Umar Khalid, the JNU brigade has even compared terrorist Burhani Wani with Latin American Marxist revolutionary leader Che Guevara. The same Umar Khalid is invited to give lecture in Delhi University.
Arundhati Roy is another activist who is seen sympathizing with terrorists and Maoists. She supports Kashmiri separatists. For this she has been given awards with huge amount of US dollars.
Interesting this brigade has the support of the CPI and CPM leaders like D Raja, Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury who are seen standing by the side of protests and demonstrations by the ‘azadi brigade’. It is for this reason that people have thrown the Communist Parties an their candidates in the dustbin in elections in North India. They are routed in polls.
One should ask Arundhati Roy and others why they never write on work done by the Indian Armed forces and Air Force in rescue and relief operations during devastating floods in Chennai and Kashmir. The Indian Armed forces were seen as angels and saviours of life of thousands of people stranded in floods. Not only that in 2013 flash flood in Uttarakhand, the Armed Forces and volunteers of the RSS worked hard to rescue people and provide relief to hundreds of people in the hills. The ‘candle march brigade’ and the likes of Kanhaya Kumar and Arundhati Roy never saw anything good in the rescue and relief operations of Indian Armed Forces. Who can they see this good work. They are bling folded with antinational wraps.
The country has seen the real face of another class of people who returned their awards and national honours in protest of Dadri incident.
Time has come the country redefines anti national activities and amend laws to punish the people who eat our resources but talk and support of enemies of the country.
(The writer is Member of Rajya Sabha and Chairman of Hindusthan Samachar)

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