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NC, Cong cutting votes of DPAP not BJP: Azad

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JAMMU: Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Ghulam Nabi Azad on Wednesday strongly criticised Congress’s Rahul Gandhi and National Conference’s Omar Abdullah for endorsing a candidate, who supported the rapists of Kathua’s daughter.
“Such alliances betray the trust of the people and compromise justice”, Azad said while addressing public meetings in Sangaldan, Ukhral areas of Banihal constituency
He expressed disappointment with the present leadership of the Congress, saying: “Their actions have severely tarnished the Congress ideology we’ve worked hard to uphold. I would have never allowed this in Congress.”
Such deviation from the party’s principles is regrettable and undermines the legacy we strive to maintain, he added
Azad said, Omar Abdullah is campaigning in the Chenab Valley against DPAP, not BJP and he has been tasked to divide secular votes.
“Omar Abdullah did nothing for his own constituency. I gave district status to Ganderbal, which is the family constituency of Abdullahs. I provided them with colleges, hospitals. What has Omar done for his home constituency? He only exploited and harmed the people” , Azad said.
He raised concerns about the Congress party’s approach to addressing public issues, particularly in BJP-ruled states.
He criticized the party for what he sees as a reluctance to engage in direct confrontations and a tendency to seek out safe seats where minority populations are stronger. He questioned the party’s commitment to fighting the BJP on the ground, highlighting its preference for safe seats, notably in states like Kerala, over contested battlegrounds.
Azad said,: “Why is Rahul Gandhi hesitant to contest in BJP-ruled states?” He noted that while Gandhi claims to be fighting the BJP, his actions suggest otherwise. “Why fly from BJP-ruled states and seek refuge in minority-dominated ones?”, he added
Azad referred Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah as “spoon-fed kids” rather than politicians. He pointed out that they have not made personal sacrifices in life and are merely enjoying political legacies inherited from figures like Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah. “Both have done nothing of their own,” he added.
Azad reiterated his commitment to development, urging the public to distance themselves from exploitative politicians. He emphasized the importance of supporting candidates dedicated to addressing public issues.
Azad urged people to rally behind G.M. Saroori in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, highlighting Saroori’s dedication to raising and addressing pressing public concerns.

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