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Natrang stages comedy play ‘Golmaal’ in Sunday Theatre series

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JAMMU: Natrang marked its entrance into the New Year with the presentation of a new chuckle-some comedy play ‘Golmaal’ in its Sunday Theatre series which is based on a story by Sacha Guitry and has been translated and directed by Aarushi Thakur.
The story revolves around a south Indian man who wishes to sell his house but is really disappointed that no prospective customer walked that way.
The sign ‘For Sale’ has been there since a month but the house appeared not to interest anyone. The house was located near a film studio in Mumbai and was in reasonable condition yet no one seemed interested to buy it.
As the owner retires for relaxation, two customers, Arjun and his wife are ushered in by the servant. They are a young couple, from their conversation it is evident that the wife is more eager to buy the house but the husband shows no interest because he finds the house too expensive which is ten million. As they are leaving, the wife expresses a desire to see the upper floor. Both the owner and the wife go upstairs. Arjun is busy cribbing when another customer ushers in, she is an actress who shows her desire to buy the house and thinks Arjun is the owner. She has loads of money but has no time to inspect the house or go in details. Arjun takes advantage of the situation and quotes the price to be twenty million rupees. To his utmost surprise the lady hands him the cheque and makes a quick departure profiting him a fortune.
The actors who performed in the play included Rajan Thakyal as the owner, Prashant Sareen as the servant, Nitish Kaul as Arjun Sharma, Vanshika Gupta as Mrs Sharma, Sachin Saini as a Customer from Lucknow, Vaneeka Gupta as the Actress and Gopi Sharma as the Actress’s assistant. The music was done by Abhee Bargotra and the lights were by Ankush Lakhnotra, presentation of the play was by Sumeet Sharma and the show was coordinated by Mohammad Yaseen and Shivam Singh.

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