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Murky dealings

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Dear Editor,
The Central Bureau of Investigation is the most important probe agency in the country and its head must be above suspicion if the credibility of the institution is to survive this controversy. But the troubles seem to mount for beleaguered CBI Director Ranjit Sinha.
The saga of the Director’s visitors is going from opaque to downright murky. His attempt to restrain the press from publishing the contents of the entry register was thwarted by the Supreme Court, as it brushed aside the director’s claims that selective leaks of the register maintained at his official residence, amounted to invasion of his privacy and an assault on his reputation.
Sinha’s defence on meeting persons, connected with ongoing CBI probes, at his official residence, is weak. What he did is akin to the police wining and dining with the accused.
Sinha’s continuance as Director of the country’s premier probe agency is untenable. Sinha needs to be sacked immediately for impropriety and unprofessional conduct.
H.S Pathania

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