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Mother is a mother; all have one

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Dear Editor,
The greatest suffering of humanity in the world, is when a mother loses her son to a bullet or a stone. The heart of mother is full of love and it refuses to justify any explanations. The heart of a mother is so big that even the unpardonable crimes can be ignored as mothers always want another chance to be granted. Love of a mother defies every logic. It is beyond any religion or political inclination. All mothers are like that and we all have one.
The unfortunate mother’s in Kashmir have to understand that their son was not born a terrorist and it was the society that put a gun in his hand to kill innocent people in the name of religion or region. The once innocent brain was poisoned with deadly ideology and those responsible for indoctoring radicalisation in young minds have put their own sons at a safe distance and away from gun culture. Now even after the sad death of son of the soil they are making their political pot boiling .A mother should ask these leaders of hatred will they call their own sons and daughters to Kashmir to fight the so called holy war of Jihad.
The mother of a security personnel who was drowned and killed by stone pelters and supporters of terror has every right to ask these stone pelters the reason for the death of her son who was just performing his duty. Mothers have questions to those spreading hatred in the name of religion and region which they have to answer because their own mother may ask these question may be after sometime, somewhere and to someone.
We cannot make merry if a terrorist or a security personnel gets killed as the sentiments of their respective mothers are attached.Every human being born has to die someday but a mother never agrees to the law of nature because a mother is a mother and all have one.
Sanjay Raina

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