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Mother, dear to dearest creature

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Sunaina Malik 

It would not be erroneous to label a mother as   ozone layer, who inhibits all the ultra violet radiations of peril, dread, sting, distress, disquiet, melancholy and un comfort from reaching to her children. She is a quintessence of adore, bliss, sacrifice, optimism, idealism, precision and fidelity for a child. A mother accepts a child, when child is nothing but a congealed mass of blood in her womb. She starts loving a child, when he has not even developed heart beat. Really child to mother relation is heavenly, it is because of this, all the religious scriptures of world have mentioned the significance of mother in one’s life.
According to Quran (religious book of Muslims) “We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she gave birth” (46:15). Quran further says “worship Allah and join not any partner with Him and be kind to your parents”(4:36). Islam commands kindness, respect and obedience to parents and specifically emphasises and gives preference to mother. In many places in Quran, Allah mentions the reason why we should be kind to our parents, when he says {his mother bore him in travail upon travail} that is, the mother bore constant suffering; in pain and hardship from first moment, she felt child moving in her womb to the worst pangs during the time of delivery. {This weaning is for two years} that is during these two years, the mother breast feeds her child and looks after him \ her so after all the years of suffering, hard ship, love and care, could we  not, at least compensate our mother for what they have done for us and pay them back their rights? Even Prophet Mohammed (PBUU) said “your heaven lies under the feet of your mother”.
Hindu Mythology
Worship of god, in the form of mother, is an important feature of Hindu religion. Hindu worships the divine mothers in many popular forms such as Durga, Kali, Lakashmi, Saraswati, Ambika and Uma. Even Bhishma said in Mahabarta “The mother is  panacea for all kind of calamities. The existence of mother invests with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection. A person, whose mother exists, even if he happens to possess son or grand son or even he himself is hundred years old, but in the eyes of his mother he looks like a child of two years of age. He further says “There is no shelter like mother, there is no refuge like mother, there is no one so dear as mother. For having borne him in his womb, the mother is son’s Dharti. For having being chief cause of his birth, she is his Janani. For having nursing and looking after the son, she is called Surva. In the end he says “The mother is one’s own body”.
In addition to this even in Bible there are about 94 verses, mentioning the importance and greatness of mother. Bible in proverb 3:25-30ESV/644 says “Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come, she opens her mouth with wisdom and teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her house hold and does not eat the breed of idleness. In one more place in ( Isaiah 66:13 ESV/103) “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem. In another proverb no. 23:22-25 ESV/92 Do’ not despise your mother, when she is old.
There is no one in this whole cosmos, who does not recognise the magnitude of a mother in one’s life. This worth of mother gets doubled many folds in case of a girl child. As a matter of fact a girl’s birth is not cherished in our societies, the only person, who even then love, feel pleased and contented on her birth, is only her honored mother. The prominence of a mother can also be judged from the fact that instantaneously after bearing lot of labour pains, she showers all her adore, warmth and heed on her newly born. The innocent face of her child makes her to overlook that agonising pain. Her endearing heart starts knitting the castle of accomplishment, affluence and soothe for her child. As we all know that a newly born is unable to speak about his pain and problems, but bond between mother and child during nine months of pregnancy, enable only a mother to sense the desires and requirements of a newly born. It does not stop here but even when we grow old, it is only mother who can comprehend us in a better way than any other relation.
In addition to this a mother is not only shouldered with a conscientiousness of loving and caring a child but she also executes the work of teaching of her child. She develops a child in a multi dimensional way. It is only a mother, who prepares a child to face the challenges and brawl against the dangers of life. We can call a mother as the personification of nature, she is naive, pliable, fragrant and enchanting like rose and she is strong and full of power like fast moving wind. As different moods of nature teach us diverse faces of life, in the similar way different moods of mother teach us the lesson of excellence in life.
A mother’s love is self less love, she does not love a child with a presumption of getting love in return but to love a child is her weakness. She cannot impede loving her off spring even when he moves away from her, leaving her in old age home at the mercy of strangers. Here I am very apologetic to say that using of parents for self interest and then deserting them, is the charactertics feature of animals but not human beings. Can some one answer me, what will happen to a child, if her mother abandons him in orphanage? But a mother in no case would leave her child at the mercy of others. She even goes up to the exten of selling her flesh to feed her child’s mouth than to leave him. Sacrifice of a mother reaches at its crest when she happens to be a poor mother, in such situation she prefers to feed the last bite of food to her child than to her self. In short we cannot bestow an equivalent return of love, sacrifice and commitment to our mother, even if we serve her by standing on one leg through out our life, but irony is that today we are not even allowing her to live in our houses. In the end I would like to say that if she never deserts us when we need her then why we abandon her at the time of her need.
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