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Monitor the use of technology

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Dear Editor,
Technology has made it possible for everyone to express their feelings in a cheap way. Knowledge that used to cost a lot of money and time to acquire is now available at the click of a few buttons. A child sitting in a village can acquire the same knowledge as a child in a metro city.
At the government level, this technology is being used to make service delivery faster and in the right hands. But people with depraved mentality in the society have started using this blessing to incite various crimes and violence. It is being openly used in crimes against women. But the time has come for the society itself to decide how to neutralize such elements or put them behind bars. Identifying and ignoring the content of those who poison religious, ethnic, linguistic or regional morals will be the first task, which the entire society has to do. Taking the news as it is, is wrong. Rely only on content from credible and reliable sources and cross-check with other similar sources.
Riots broke out in the district bordering Delhi, mainly due to social media content that unnecessarily angered communities. Shutting down the internet creates rumours, but when social media becomes available, another ugly side emerges. Now it is up to the society to make proper use of this technology to ensure a bright future for the child or put their conscience in front of the trouble. Make the child available too, but keep an eye on what he’s looking at. Don’t make a blessing a curse.
N Ashraf

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