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Dear Editor,
2047 completes 100 years of Independent India. Modi’s plan for 2047 has drawn laughter from AICC President Mallikarjuna Kharge prompting him to ask if Modi will be alive till then and if he will be PM? Life is a continuing process. Even people in their young engage are not sure that they see ‘tomorrow’. Even people in their ripe age continue to do their part of work thinking that they will see the day light of ‘tomorrow’. Courts have imposed punishments to the convicts for a term beyond people’s known and expected life. There is a case of Madhya Pradesh sessions court awarding 170 years of jail term to a 55-year old man for a total of 34 counts at 5 years of jail for inducing 34 people to invest in garment factory. By the time the man completes his sentence he will be or would have been 225 years. In the opinion of the court, the man has committed offence that can attract sentence upto 170 years. It means the 170 years of jail sentence to him are proportionate to the crime committed by him. A Turkish man was sentenced for 1000 years of sentence. A Turkish Muslim televangelist surrounded by scantily-clad women whom he called “kittens” has started 1075-year jail term for sex crimes. Imprisoned Imran Khan says that he is ready for 1000 years in jail. The declared assets of Kharge are worth Rs. 10 crore. He has ‘amassed’ wealth to keep his dynasty free from ‘economic problems’. Modi’s vision is for his parivar who constitute the 140-crore Indians. If Modi’s life journey comes to an end, there will be someone who can take India forward to a state of development according to the plans envisioned by Modi. Like Kharge has vision for his family dynasty, Modi has vision for his parivar who are all the Indians. Yoga Guru Swamy Sivananda in Kashi is now 126 years old. He is still said to have been teaching Yoga. If Modi completes 74 years in 2024, he will be 97 years by the time the year 2047 approaches. It is not an age that cannot be expected for man to live. If he remains a man not brain dead, he can see the developments in India. He can guide the next crop of politicians to take India forward as a developed country. There are many cases of centurions living a very good healthy life. Why is Kharge so eager to see that Modi will not be alive till 2047? Is it his consternation that if Modi continues to live upto 2047, with or without power, Congress will not come to the seat of power? When the life is not permanent, power will not be permanent to any individual. But ‘power’ is eternal when it passes from person to person. A well-built foundation for better India and better world in the days to come will remember the founder forever. Such people live in the hearts of people forever.

K.V. Seetharamaiah

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